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30 Inolvidables

Bronco 3/25/2003
Norteno stars Bronco started out in the mid-'80s and have been going strong ever since, blazing their own distinctive trail through the Mexican pop scene for decades. They've released so many albums that assembling a best-of like 30 INOLVIDABLES is rather a daunting task, but then again, with so much great Bronco music available, it's also difficult to make a misstep. Representative of Bronco's overall approach, 30 INOLVIDABLES splits its time fairly evenly between uptempo, rootsy conjunto outings and more contemporary, melodic ballad material. Even on the conjunto material, though, the group's uniqueness comes to the fore as they throw in more melodic and harmonic twists and left turns than you're used to hearing in that style. As heard to fine effect on this compilation, Bronco's blend of the old and the new has earned them a sizeable audience over the years, and these tunes make it easy to see why.
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Cuatro Caballos PT2M31S
  3. 2 Amigo Bronco PT3M11S
  4. 3 Muerdeme PT2M12S
  5. 4 Se Va, Se Va PT2M28S
  6. 5 Corazón Duro PT2M53S
  7. 6 Mujer de Piedra PT2M37S
  8. 7 Con Dinero PT2M37S
  9. 8 Oro PT2M30S
  10. 9 Una Noche Más PT2M25S
  11. 10 Hazme Soñor PT1M58S
  12. 11 Tengo Ganas PT2M22S
  13. 12 Que No Quede Huella PT1M54S
  14. 13 Sed PT2M42S
  15. 14 Arrancame la Vida PT2M40S
  16. 15 Oficialmente Loco PT2M4S
  17. 16 Mirenla, Mirenla PT2M12S
  18. 17 Un Golpe Mas PT2M3S
  19. 18 Prisión de Amor PT2M9S
  20. 19 Un Fin de Semana PT2M27S
  21. 20 Entrégate PT1M38S
  22. 21 Amigo Con Derecho No PT2M34S
  23. 22 La Apuesta PT2M8S
  24. 23 Y Eso No PT2M7S
  25. 24 A Qué le Tiramos PT2M29S
  26. 25 Puente de Pierda PT2M13S
  27. 26 Canción Para Ti PT1M54S
  28. 27 Amor Total PT2M8S
  29. 28 Cumbia Triste PT2M4S
  30. 29 Que Te Han Visto Llorar PT1M6S
  31. 30 Nunca Voy a Olvidarte PT2M36S

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