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Prolonging the Magic

Cake 21//2001


Cake's attempt to make a smug- and irony-free album, the band's third release does hold back the barbs a bit more than usual, even if they do fall back into familiar territory: postmodern takes on postmodern life. Flipping between earnest alt-rock rhythms and jittery, funky jazz, Prolonging the Magic works best when Cake lay on the irony extra heavy, or when they make their sober ambitions mesh slightly with the type of smart-ass pop they've based a career on (like "Never There"). At least they seem to realize their place in the alt-rock universe as a novelty band with chops, counteracting the genre's overwhelming seriousness with a light dose of heavy-handed yuks. ~ Michael Gallucci
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Satan Is My Motor Cake 3:11
  3. 2 Mexico Cake 3:26
  4. 3 Never There Cake 2:43
  5. 4 Guitar Cake 3:39
  6. 5 You Turn the Screws Cake 3:59
  7. 6 Walk on By Cake 3:45
  8. 7 Sheep Go to Heaven Cake 3:46
  9. 8 When You Sleep Cake 3:57
  10. 9 Hem of Your Garment Cake 3:35
  11. 10 Alpha Beta Parking Lot Cake 3:29
  12. 11 Let Me Go Cake 3:28
  13. 12 Cool Blue Reason Cake 3:25
  14. 13 Where Would I Be? Cake 3:48

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