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Recombo DNA

Devo 2000
This is a brilliant package and an excellent example of how creative and informative artists can make such releases. Everything spread over this two CD set is previously unreleased (with the exception of "Bushwacked" which had appeared on a flexi-disc in an edited form for the magazine Reflex). There is a wealth of material here, which is mostly all quite good. Devo is, for the most part, an underrated and misunderstood band. Fans know this, but the general public still has the image of the "dome heads" look (as seen in the "Whip It" video). But Devo was, and is, more. This package demonstrates this fact. From early punk to the techno-driven dance beats of their early-'90s career, Devo remained truly unique, adventurous, and creative. This package lets fans have a sneak peak into their creativity with demos of favorites ("Gates of Steel" is particularly brilliant in its early carnation), as well as live material not many have heard, especially songs performed by their alter ego Dove (just rearrange the letters). Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody" is enlightening, as well as their own gem, "I Saw Jesus." Wonderful stuff that would have been lost in time were it not for an astounding compilation such as this. Booji Boy also makes an appearance with the concert favorite "The Words Get Stuck in My Throat," which the band finally recorded in the studio for their 2000 compilation, Pioneers Who Got Scalped. Actually this is a fantastic companion to the CD, and just as indispensable. It is a must for any serious Devo fan. As with all Rhino Handmade releases, this CD is a limited edition (5000 copies) which was sold through the Rhino Handmade website. ~ Aaron Badgley
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Recomba DNA PT2M6S
  3. 2 The Words Get Stuck in My Throat PT5M27S
  4. 3 Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') PT2M17S
  5. 4 Be Stiff [Alternate Mix] PT2M43S
  6. 5 Pink Pussycat PT4M8S
  7. 6 Goo Goo Itch [Alternate Version] PT2M25S
  8. 7 Strange Pursuits PT2M31S
  9. 8 The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise PT3M32S
  10. 9 Bushwacked [Mix][Prosthetic Version] PT4M40S
  11. 10 Girl U Want PT2M59S
  12. 11 Turnaround PT2M12S
  13. 12 Snowball PT2M49S
  14. 13 Luv & Such PT2M53S
  15. 14 Gates of Steel PT3M28S
  16. 15 Planet Earth PT3M16S
  17. 16 Whip It PT2M38S
  18. 17 Cold War PT2M33S
  19. 18 Time Bomb PT3M13S
  20. 19 That's Pep PT2M31S
  21. 20 Make Me Dance PT2M16S
  22. 21 Gotta Serve Somebody PT6M30S
  23. 22 I Saw Jesus PT1M30S
  24. 23 Psychology of Desire PT4M23S
  25. 24 Pity You PT2M54S
  26. 1 Beautiful World PT3M41S
  27. 2 Race of Doom PT3M43S
  28. 3 I Desire PT3M18S
  29. 4 Big Mess PT2M48S
  30. 5 The 4th Dimension [Alternate Version Rough Mix] PT4M19S
  31. 6 Here to Go [Alternate Version Rough Mix] PT3M18S
  32. 7 Some Things Never Change [Rough Mix] PT2M55S
  33. 8 Big Adventure [Rough Mix] PT2M45S
  34. 9 No Noise [Rough Mix] PT2M49S
  35. 10 Love Is Stronger Than Dirt PT2M11S
  36. 11 Faster and Faster PT2M49S
  37. 12 Modern Life PT3M4S
  38. 13 The Only One PT4M6S
  39. 14 Baby Doll PT3M36S
  40. 15 Some Things Never Change PT5M27S
  41. 16 Plain Truth PT3M59S
  42. 17 Happy Guy PT3M32S
  43. 18 Somewhere [Studio Version Demo] PT18M22S

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