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Watch the Throne


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  1. H·A·M
  2. Watch the Throne [Deluxe Edition]
  3. Otis
Jay-Z/Kanye West 8/12/2011


An audacious spectacle of vacuous pomposity as well as one of tremendous lyrical depth, Watch the Throne is a densely packed amalgamation of what Jay-Z has termed “ignorant shit” and “thought-provoking shit,” with creative, top of the line productions. Its best moments are among the most vital rap music released in 2011. On “New Day,” West and Jay-Z address their unborn sons in equally somber and pointed ways. The anthemic “That’s My Bitch” rides on rampaging drums, using two of the most common breaks to fresh effect, and effectively incorporates the wildly dissimilar voices of La Roux's Elly Jackson and Bon Iver/Justin Vernon (the latter of which is made to sound like that of the Gap Band's Charlie Wilson). Kanye’s autobiographical, rise-to-fame verses in the solemn “Made in America” are among his most riveting to date. The album contains piles of quotables and some of the fieriest pro-black content in decades. The latter, particularly concentrated during the album’s back half -- where the word “black” is used almost as often as it is in Euripides Smalls’ “I’m Black, Y’All” -- should not be lost amid the album’s ruthless flaunting of material wealth and carte blanche industry resources. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 No Church in the Wild Jay-Z/Kanye West 4:33
  3. 2 Lift Off Jay-Z/Kanye West 4:27
  4. 3 Ni**as in Paris Jay-Z/Kanye West 3:38
  5. 4 Otis Jay-Z/Kanye West 2:58
  6. 5 Gotta Have It Jay-Z/Kanye West 2:21
  7. 6 New Day Jay-Z/Kanye West 4:33
  8. 7 That's My B**tch Jay-Z/Kanye West 3:23
  9. 8 Welcome to the Jungle Jay-Z/Kanye West 2:54
  10. 9 Who Gon Stop Me Jay-Z/Kanye West 4:17
  11. 10 Murder to Excellence Jay-Z/Kanye West 5:0
  12. 11 Made in America Jay-Z/Kanye West 4:52
  13. 12 Why I Love You Jay-Z/Kanye West 3:19

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