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Party Rock

LMFAO 7/7/2009


Sky Blu and Redfoo of LMFAO may actually be having as much fun as they describe in their music, but there's still little doubt they're a comedy act. The liner notes for Party Rock do indeed include dancefloor polaroids of beautiful babes, but also plenty of shiny robots smiling for the camera. For their full-length debut, Party Rock, the dance hit "I'm in Miami Bitch" is firmly in place, and still sounding pretty hilarious as a satirical exposé of the hedonistic Winter Music Conference held every year. Sky Blu and Redfoo have almost as many laugh lines in their lyrics as the Lonely Island, even if their production aesthetic shows more than a little knowledge of Spank Rock. They're solid producers overall, even if they run out of song ideas halfway through the album (no extra points for being able to predict the theme or lyrics of "What Happens at the Party" or "Leaving U 4 the Groove"). Pitched somewhere between a self-aware BrokeNCYDE and more sincere party rap (as crazy as that sounds), Party Rock is an indulgent record with plenty of fun and immaturity, but a real need for a growing musical identity. [A clean edition was also released with explicit content removed.] ~ John Bush
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Rock the Beat LMFAO 0:55
  3. 2 I'm in Miami Trick LMFAO 3:48
  4. 3 Get Crazy LMFAO 3:44
  5. 4 Lil' Hipster Girl LMFAO 3:23
  6. 5 La La LMFAO 3:31
  7. 6 What Happens at the Party LMFAO 5:55
  8. 7 Leaving U 4 the Groove LMFAO 3:31
  9. 8 I Don't Wanna Be LMFAO 3:40
  10. 9 Shots LMFAO 3:39
  11. 10 Bounce LMFAO 4:3
  12. 11 I Shake, I Move LMFAO 3:2
  13. 12 I Am Not a W**** LMFAO 3:16
  14. 13 Yes LMFAO 3:2
  15. 14 Scream My Name LMFAO 4:15

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