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Pack Up Your Sorrows: Best of the Vanguard Years

Mimi & Richard Fariña 9/28/1999
When Vanguard Records issued its double album The Best of Mimi & Richard Fariña in 1971, five years after the motorcycle crash that claimed Richard Fariña's life, the label simply repackaged the duo's two regular album releases, Celebrations for a Grey Day (1965) and Reflections in a Crystal Wind (1966). In 1988, when it reissued the package on CD, Vanguard cut six tracks to fit The Best Of on a single disc, leaving 20. Eighteen of those tracks are repeated on Pack Up Your Sorrows: Best of the Vanguard Years, which restores one of the cut songs and adds two tracks from the 1968 outtakes album Memories, plus one previously unreleased instrumental, "Tuileries." All of that makes the new compilation a slight improvement in terms of selection, while the CD remastering improves the sound. (Ed Ward's enthusiastic but ill-informed liner notes -- he confuses the Big Sur Folk Festival with the Newport Folk Festival and makes other errors -- are not a plus.) As a lyricist, Fariña matched the elliptical style of mid-'60s Bob Dylan image for image, and tracks such as "Hard Loving Loser" are stylistically identical to the folk-rock of Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home, partly because they employ some of the same sidemen. But Fariña and his wife Mimi gave his words a sweet-and-sour harmony style, and their most distinctive music was made when they duetted on autoharp and dulcimer, as on the instrumentals that make up a good part of the song list. Richard Fariña's early death robbed the music world of an important singer/songwriter (not to mention robbing literature of a promising novelist), but the work he left behind ranks with the best folk-rock of the 1960s. ~ William Ruhlmann
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  1. # Song Length
  2. 1 Dandelion River Run by Mimi Fariña PT1M42S
  3. 2 Pack up Your Sorrows by Mimi Fariña PT2M57S
  4. 3 Reflections in a Crystal Wind by Mimi Fariña PT3M29S
  5. 4 A Swallow Song by Richard Fariña PT2M49S
  6. 5 Tommy Makem Fantasy by Mimi Fariña PT1M29S
  7. 6 Hard-Loving Loser by Mimi Fariña PT4M36S
  8. 7 Michael, Andrew and James by Mimi Fariña PT5M7S
  9. 8 Hamish by Mimi Fariña PT1M47S
  10. 9 Another Country by Mimi Fariña PT4M
  11. 10 The Falcon PT3M38S
  12. 11 Reno, Nevada by Mimi Fariña PT3M7S
  13. 12 Celebration for a Grey Day by Mimi Fariña PT3M47S
  14. 13 Bold Marauder by Mimi Fariña PT4M4S
  15. 14 Dopico by Mimi Fariña PT3M55S
  16. 15 Sell-Out Agitation Waltz by Mimi Fariña PT2M50S
  17. 16 House un-American Blues Activity Dream by Richard Fariña PT3M8S
  18. 17 Raven Child PT5M12S
  19. 18 Miles [Instrumental] by Mimi Fariña PT2M53S
  20. 19 Children of Darkness by Mimi Fariña PT4M
  21. 20 Blood Red Roses by Mimi Fariña PT2M29S
  22. 21 Morgan the Pirate by Mimi Fariña PT5M36S
  23. 22 Tuileries by Mimi Fariña PT1M11S

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