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The Best of Passion (So Far)

Passion 12/26/2006


Almost a decade after its inception, the Louie Giglio-led Passion movement released the two-disc retrospective The Best of Passion (So Far), a 30-song collection gathering some of the biggest songs to emerge from the popular collegiate conferences. The exponential growth of these yearly gatherings and their corresponding live projects is no fluke: since 1998, Passion has launched the careers of Chris Tomlin, the David Crowder Band, and Charlie Hall, as well as infusing new life into that of modern worship pioneer Matt Redman, resulting in millions of albums sold and dozens of songs that are sung weekly in churches across the United States and beyond. With the exception of album bookends "Come and Listen" and "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," all the songs on The Best of Passion (So Far) are presented chronologically according to the year of recording. The first disc has its moments, but it reflects a giant still growing into its own and aiming toward finding its voice. It's during the second disc, as the worshipers move from the late '90s into the new millennium, that the sound gets larger and more congregational, eventually exploding in anthems such as "Holy Is the Lord," "How Great Is Our God," and "Indescribable," all of which were first introduced by Tomlin and have become hallmarks at Christian radio and the worldwide church. By only sticking to material on previously released Passion albums, the compilers forwent a few songs ("Undignified," "The Wonderful Cross," "Wonderful Maker") that are as much a part of the movement's history as the ones that did make the cut. And, with the exception of Charlie Hall's tame rendition of "How Great Thou Art," Passion's serviceable hymns album was given the cold shoulder. In all, though, The Best of Passion (So Far) accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to chronicle the life and times of the most prolific and popular group of young artists and songwriters in modern worship music. ~ Andree Farias
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Come and Listen David Crowder Band 3:26
  3. 2 You Alone Sam Perry 4:28
  4. 3 His Renown Christy Nockels 4:34
  5. 4 You're Worthy of My Praise Charlie Hall 6:4
  6. 5 You Are My King (Amazing Love) Christy Nockels 5:21
  7. 6 Better Is One Day Charlie Hall 7:28
  8. 7 Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? Passion 7:16
  9. 8 Salvation Charlie Hall 4:48
  10. 9 Grace Flows Down Christy Nockels 4:20
  11. 10 We Fall Down Chris Tomlin 4:39
  12. 11 Our Love Is Loud David Crowder Band 4:35
  13. 12 Enough Chris Tomlin 5:3
  14. 13 Famous One Chris Tomlin 5:7
  15. 14 Blessed Be Your Name Matt Redman 5:34
  16. 15 How Great Thou Art Charlie Hall 4:39
  17. 1 Holy Is the Lord Chris Tomlin 5:59
  18. 2 O Praise Him (All This for a King) David Crowder 5:24
  19. 3 Sing to the King Candi Pearson 6:9
  20. 4 Take My Life (And Let It Be) Chris Tomlin 5:2
  21. 5 No One Like You David Crowder 4:4
  22. 6 Marvelous Light Charlie Hall 5:52
  23. 7 How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin 5:56
  24. 8 Here Is Our King David Crowder Band 5:5
  25. 9 Indescribable Chris Tomlin 4:53
  26. 10 All Over the World Matt Redman 5:43
  27. 11 You Never Let Go Matt Redman 4:50
  28. 12 Jesus Paid It All Kristian Stanfill 5:17
  29. 13 You Are My Joy David Crowder 5:30
  30. 14 Glorious Passion 5:25
  31. 15 Jesus, Lover of My Soul Shelley Nirider Jennings 4:30

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