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The Essential Ronnie Milsap [Double Disc]

Ronnie Milsap 8/1/2006


To get an idea of exactly how many Ronnie Milsap collections are on the market, just turn to the back page of the booklet for RCA/Legacy's 2006 double-disc set The Essential Ronnie Milsap, where it lists other Ronnie albums you might also enjoy. There are ten listed, all but one of them a compilation (that would be his very, very good 2006 comeback, My Life). Which begs the natural question, is The Essential Ronnie Milsap needed? Especially since there is already another compilation called The Essential Ronnie Milsap (dating from 1995), and there already was an excellent double-disc set called 40 #1 Hits released six years earlier? The answer is, yes it is, particularly since 40 #1 Hits has fallen out of print. Of course, it also helps that Essential is an expertly chosen and sequenced collection of Milsap's best work, from 1973's "(All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart" and running all the way to 1989's "A Woman in Love." Most of this material was on 40 #1 Hits, so if you already own that, there's not much need for this, but this has a slight edge over the previous comp because it has a greater concentration of his prime material and is very listenable; its non-chronological sequencing works for it, since it emphasizes the consistently high quality of his hits singles. So, even if there is a surplus of Milsap collections out on the market, this superb set indeed proves that there's always room for another good one. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Daydreams About Night Things Ronnie Milsap 2:21
  3. 2 Smokey Mountain Rain Ronnie Milsap 3:41
  4. 3 Pure Love Ronnie Milsap 2:19
  5. 4 That Girl Who Waits on Tables Ronnie Milsap 2:57
  6. 5 It Was Almost Like a Song Ronnie Milsap 3:34
  7. 6 (All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart Ronnie Milsap 2:23
  8. 7 What Goes on When the Sun Goes Down Ronnie Milsap 2:51
  9. 8 Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Ronnie Milsap 3:2
  10. 9 (I'm A) Stand by My Woman Man Ronnie Milsap 2:57
  11. 10 I Hate You Ronnie Milsap 2:47
  12. 11 Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends Ronnie Milsap 2:42
  13. 12 (There's) No Gettin' Over Me Ronnie Milsap 3:13
  14. 13 (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time Ronnie Milsap 2:55
  15. 14 Only One Love in My Life Ronnie Milsap 3:26
  16. 15 My Heart Ronnie Milsap 2:39
  17. 16 Stranger Things Have Happened Ronnie Milsap 3:8
  18. 17 Am I Losing You Ronnie Milsap 3:36
  19. 18 A Woman in Love Ronnie Milsap 3:13
  20. 19 Just in Case Ronnie Milsap 2:57
  21. 20 Back on My Mind Again Ronnie Milsap 3:12
  22. 21 Let My Love Be Your Pillow Ronnie Milsap 3:10
  23. 1 I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World Ronnie Milsap 3:32
  24. 2 Any Day Now Ronnie Milsap 3:37
  25. 3 Stranger in My House Ronnie Milsap 4:8
  26. 4 What a Difference You've Made in My Life Ronnie Milsap 3:56
  27. 5 Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night) Ronnie Milsap 4:14
  28. 6 Nobody Likes Sad Songs Ronnie Milsap 4:0
  29. 7 Why Don't You Spend the Night Ronnie Milsap 4:7
  30. 8 Let's Take the Long Way Around the World Ronnie Milsap 3:22
  31. 9 Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Ronnie Milsap 3:39
  32. 10 She Keeps the Home Fires Burning Ronnie Milsap 3:53
  33. 11 Inside Ronnie Milsap 3:58
  34. 12 Where Do the Nights Go Ronnie Milsap 4:27
  35. 13 In Love Ronnie Milsap 4:30
  36. 14 Cowboys and Clowns [From "Bronco Billy"] Ronnie Milsap 3:9
  37. 15 Make No Mistake, She's Mine Kenny Rogers 3:55
  38. 16 How Do I Turn You On Ronnie Milsap 4:41
  39. 17 Still Losing You Ronnie Milsap 5:14
  40. 18 Show Her Ronnie Milsap 3:57
  41. 19 He Got You Ronnie Milsap 3:28

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