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Sevendust 4/15/1997


Influenced by thrash metal, grunge, industrial, and rap, the Atlanta-based Sevendust had a brutally heavy alternative rock release in its riveting debut, self-titled album. But for all its intensity, Sevendust is a band that, like Living Colour and Nirvana, combines a striking melodic sense with sledgehammer aggression. Though Living Colour is a valid comparison (up to a point), one also hears traces of everyone from Metallica and Anthrax to Faith No More and Ministry here. Sevendust's very dark lyrics are as heavy as its music. "Face" candidly describes a consensual S&M/bondage scenario, while other songs deal with social issues. Addressing such topics as racism ("Black"), depression and schizophrenia ("Too Close to Hate"), and drug addiction ("Wired"), this CD is as arresting lyrically as it is musically. ~ Alex Henderson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Black Sevendust 4:8
  3. 2 Bitch Sevendust 3:41
  4. 3 Terminator Sevendust 4:54
  5. 4 Too Close to Hate Sevendust 4:49
  6. 5 Wired Sevendust 3:54
  7. 6 Prayer Sevendust 4:19
  8. 7 Face Sevendust 4:48
  9. 8 Speak Sevendust 3:29
  10. 9 Will It Bleed Sevendust 4:51
  11. 10 My Ruin Sevendust 5:37
  12. 11 Born to Die Sevendust 4:0

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