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Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery, also known as GTR, Cupa, Digital Blues, Rue de Gar, and Runaway, is an English DJ and producer with an open-minded and fuss-free approach to spinning and producing several styles of electronic dance music. Known overground since 2002, when his remix of the Shrink's "Nervous Breakdown" was aired on BBC Radio 1, he made more of a name for himself later in the year with his own "Mistral," released on his and Alexis Hooper's Five AM label under the name GTR. The Five AM Sessions (2005) was the first of his several commercial mix albums. He also released the production albums Northern Lights (2010) and Drive (2014) on his own Garuda label. ~ Andy Kellman
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Gareth Emery

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Gareth Emery

  1.   Song
  2.   Sanctuary
  3.   Concrete Angel by Christina Novelli
  4.   U
  5.   Dynamite
  6.   Lights & Thunder
  7.   Huracan
  8.   This Is That
  9.   Tokyo
  10.   Drive
  11.   Soldier
  12.   Firebird
  13.   Long Way Home
  14.   Citadel by Armin van Buuren
  15.   No Way Back by Jon O'Bir
  16.   Sid
  17.   Million Years
  18.   Javelin
  19.   Entrada
  20.   The Saga
  21.   Fight the Sunrise by Lucy Saunders
  22.   Metropolis
  23.   Off The World featuring Alex Bartlett
  24.   More Than Anything
  25.   My Authority
  26.   Aerospace
  27.   This Is New York
  28.   Meet Her In Miami
  29.   Eye of the Storm
  30.   Integrate
  31.   Escapade
  32.   Backlash
  33.   Between Dreams
  34.   Into the Light by Mark Frisch
  35.   Exposure
  36.   Under the Influence featuring David West
  37.   Year Zero featuring Andy Moor
  38.   Behind Silence
  39.   Bouncebackability
  40.   Escapade by Jon O'Bir
  41.   Beautiful Rage
  42.   History Of A Day
  43.   Tribalism
  44.   Soulseeker featuring Ronski Speed
  45.   Life Less Ordinary featuring Alex M.O.R.P.H.
  46.   2007 Intro
  47.   Stigma
  48.   Fact of the Matter featuring Andy Moor
  49.   Sircceli
  50.   Layers
  51.   Vengence featuring Mark Sherry
  52.   This Is New York by Lange
  53.   X Equals 69 by Lange
  54.   X Equals 69
  55.   Back on Track by Nimmo & Bayer
  56.   Where Are My Goggles featuring Eelke Kleijn
  57.   Another You and Me
  58.   All Is Now by Activa
  59.   Arrival by Brute Force
  60.   El Segundo
  61.   Full Tilt
  62.   Stars by Jerome Isma-Ae
  63.   Too Dark Tonight by Roxanne Emery
  64.   Global
  65.   More Than Everything
  66.   Into The Light
  67.   Stigma by Stigma
  68.   Fueled featuring Nicholas Bennison
  69.   Fact of the Matter featuring Andy Moor
  70.   Sid by AAVA
  71.   Aerospace by Locust
  72.   My Authority by Maddox And Roy
  73.   Bouncebackability by Jon O'Bir
  74.   Sircceli by Mikka