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Marketplace, on Slacker Radio, connects you to the latest business, economic, technology and personal finance news from all of the signature Marketplace programs.

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Connect to all of your favorite Marketplace shows and personalities on Slacker Radio’s Marketplace channel where you’ll hear stories from all of these programs:

Marketplace is the only daily business news program originating in Los Angeles. Get a new perspective on the day’s business and economic news with public radio favorite and Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal.

Marketplace Morning Report, with host Jeremy Hobson, offers you a look at business and economic news from a global perspective with a glance ahead to the news which will be making headlines throughout the day.

Marketplace Tech Report, with host David Brancaccio, explores the ways in which technology is reshaping our world. The show delivers tech news with wit and warmth, using language everyone can understand.

Marketplace Money, brings the week’s economic headlines home by looking at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom. The weekly, hour-long program offers a mix of feature stories and segments to help you better manage, save and spend money.

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Marketplace’s Senior Producer Paddy Hirsch makes complex financial concepts easy to understand in ths entertaining and informative video series. Check back for regular updates!

Marketplace’s Wealth & Poverty Desk

Marketplace is the only daily program with a national desk dedicated to exploring the issues of the widening wealth gap. Get stories from all perspectives on Marketplace’s Slacker channel and get even more coverage of this critical socio-economic issue at

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