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Canadian Music Week 2012

Legendary DJ and tastemaker Alan Cross is your host and curator for Canadian Music Week 2012 on Slacker Radio. Now in its 30th year, Slacker Radio's Canadian Music Week is recognized as one of the premier entertainment events in North America. Canadian Music Fest spans 5 nights of performances, with more than 800 showcasing bands at 60 live music venues in downtown Toronto. On this radio station, Alan Cross will help you navigate these hundreds of bands and hopefully discover some new favorites!

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Top Songs on
Canadian Music Week 2012

  1.   Song
  2.   Every Red Light Shawn Hook
  3.   Serious Bedtime The Balconies
  4.   Lulu The Balconies
  5.   Hypnotized Lunic
  6.   Vôo de Icaro Blasted Mechanism
  7.   Noisemaker Two Hours Traffic
  8.   Jezebel Two Hours Traffic
  9.   Fader The Temper Trap
  10.   Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap
  11.   I Useta Lover The Saw Doctors
  12.   I Useta Lover The Saw Doctors
  13.   Joyce Country Ceili Band The Saw Doctors
  14.   Last Summer in New York The Saw Doctors
  15.   Everyone Looks Like Everyone The Pack A.D.
  16.   Haunt You The Pack A.D.
  17.   Sunny Place The Chemist
  18.   Horse Outside Rubberbandits
  19.   Kasparov Royal Canoe
  20.   Behave Robyn Dell’Unto
  21.   At War with the Cynics (An Opening) Rich Aucoin
  22.   Robot Neufvoin
  23.   Violent Sea Minute 36
  24.   Chateau Housse de Racket
  25.   It's Worth Eight Dollars Hot Panda
  26.   Evil Nature Hot Panda
  27.   We Don't Need Our Heads A Great Big Pile of Leaves
  28.   Fire Escape Fanfarlo
  29.   Pick Up the Phone Dragonette
  30.   Fixin' to Thrill Dragonette
  31.   I Get Around Dragonette
  32.   Bridges Courage My Love
  33.   Barricade Courage My Love
  34.   As Far As You Can Run Amos the Transparent
  35.   Sure as the Weather Amos the Transparent
  36.   Dance Sequence Acres of Lions
  37.   Let's Get Sentimental Acres of Lions
  38.   Camouflar Galaxie
  39.   Nervous Vibonics
  40.   Babies Via Audio
  41.   I Know You Know The Arka Teks
  42.   You Schiller
  43.   Welcome to the Party to Save the World! Peachcake
  44.   Who Are These People and Why Does This Music Suck? Peachcake
  45.   Blast Blast Opopo
  46.   Pyramid Nightbox
  47.   Gordon Bombay Misteur Valaire
  48.   Triangle of Love Misstress Barbara
  49.   Dance Me to the End of Love Misstress Barbara
  50.   I'm Running Misstress Barbara
  51.   Lonely Dancer Midnight Romeo

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