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In the ‘70s and bands like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and the Clash formed in defiance of the bloated excesses of rock and disco. The streets of London, New York, and L.A. had given birth to the bastard child of Rock and Roll: Punk. On our Classic Punk station, you'll hear Crass, Minor Threat, Fear, The Buzzcocks, Black Flag, The Clash, X, and more.

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Top Songs on Classic Punk

  1.   Song Artist Popularity
  2.   Alone Again Or The Damned
  3.   Smash It Up, Pt. 2 The Damned
  4.   Can I Say Dag Nasty
  5.   New Day Rising Hüsker Dü
  6.   Die, Die My Darling Misfits
  7.   Ace of Spades Motörhead
  8.   Jealous Again Black Flag
  9.   Police on My Back The Clash
  10.   Lady Killer The Vandals
  11.   No Reason Why Gorilla Biscuits
  12.   Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government) The Vandals
  13.   Mainliner Social Distortion
  14.   Government Flu Dead Kennedys
  15.   I'm Not a Punk Descendents
  16.   Lights Out Angry Samoans
  17.   No Fun Iggy & the Stooges
  18.   God Save the Queen Sex Pistols
  19.   Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World The Ramones
  20.   Spiderman The Ramones
  21.   Do You Wanna Dance The Ramones
  22.   California Sun The Ramones
  23.   Beat on the Brat The Ramones
  24.   Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones
  25.   All Hell Breaks Loose Misfits
  26.   Hybrid Moments Misfits
  27.   Where Eagles Dare Misfits
  28.   Last Caress Misfits
  29.   London Dungeon Misfits
  30.   Drunks The Gits
  31.   Punks Not Dead The Exploited
  32.   Psycho The Exploited
  33.   I Hate You The Exploited
  34.   Neat Neat Neat The Damned
  35.   I Think I'm Wonderful The Damned
  36.   White Riot The Clash
  37.   London's Burning The Clash
  38.   Question Authority Circle Jerks
  39.   Amoeba The Adolescents
  40.   80 Times T.S.O.L.
  41.   Possessed Suicidal Tendencies
  42.   Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies
  43.   Suspect Device Stiff Little Fingers
  44.   Story of My Life Social Distortion
  45.   Prison Bound Social Distortion
  46.   The Creeps Social Distortion
  47.   Borstal Breakout Sham 69
  48.   What I Hate Rosemary's Babies
  49.   Sheena Is a Punk Rocker The Ramones
  50.   I Don't Want to Grow Up The Ramones
  51.   Unity Operation Ivy

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