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Laugh yourself silly with Comedy on Slacker Radio. Featuring the funniest comedians touring today, the best classic comedy, LOL songs and sketch comedy. If you love Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, Bill Cosby, Frank Caliendo, Bill Engvall and Rodney Dangerfield then let the laughs begin.

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  2.   Canadian Idiot Weird Al Yankovic
  3.   Word Crimes Weird Al Yankovic
  4.   A Boy Named Sue Shel Silverstein
  5.   What If Your Butt Was Gone Carla Ulbrich
  6.   The Oatmeal Song Mike Birbiglia
  7.   Highly Illogical Leonard Nimoy
  8.   The Chanukah Song Adam Sandler
  9.   Bobby Bowden Tim Wilson
  10.   A Simple Carpenter Martin Mull
  11.   Black Holes Bob & Doug McKenzie
  12.   King Tut Steve Martin
  13.   Ajax Finance Company Hudson & Landry
  14.   Ajax Liquor Store Hudson & Landry
  15.   The Streak Ray Stevens
  16.   Eat It Weird Al Yankovic
  17.   Poisoning Pigeons in the Park Tom Lehrer
  18.   Interstate 80 Iowa Heywood Banks
  19.   A Waste of Money Allan Sherman
  20.   ,000 Read Off Phil Hartman
  21.   Wife Naggin' Cledus T. Judd
  22.   Who Wants a Haircut? The Simpsons
  23.   Meatloaf Seán Cullen
  24.   Switch to Beer Pat Godwin
  25.   Kids Songs for Grownups Tom Wilson
  26.   Toast Heywood Banks
  27.   Lonely People Bruce McCulloch
  28.   Mr. Plow The Simpsons
  29.   Canyonero Hank Williams, Jr.
  30.   (Meet) The Flinstones Dan Castellaneta
  31.   Cash and Cary Harry Shearer
  32.   Plane Sequence Don Adams
  33.   My Bologna Weird Al Yankovic
  34.   Eat It Weird Al Yankovic
  35.   16 Golden Bits The Credibility Gap
  36.   The Saga Begins Weird Al Yankovic
  37.   Dale Darrell Waltrip Richard Petty Rusty Awesome Bill Irvin Gordon ... Tim Wilson
  38.   The Secret Song (Don't Tell Anyone) Bob Smiley
  39.   Bowel Moves Bob Rivers
  40.   St. George and the Dragonet Stan Freberg
  41.   Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! Allan Sherman
  42.   Chim Chim Cheree Allan Sherman
  43.   Hail to Thee, Fat Person Allan Sherman
  44.   Ode to a Superhero Weird Al Yankovic
  45.   Hotel Problems Brian Regan
  46.   Ballet Robin Williams
  47.   Snoring Kevin Meaney
  48.   Family Feud Marc Ryan
  49.   I Love This Game! Jeff Caldwell
  50.   Back of the Pickup Don Friesen
  51.   The Old Mill Pond Story Mike Birbiglia

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