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Laugh yourself silly with Comedy on Slacker Radio. Featuring the funniest comedians touring today, the best classic comedy, LOL songs and sketch comedy. If you love Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, Bill Cosby, Frank Caliendo, Bill Engvall and Rodney Dangerfield then let the laughs begin.

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  2.   Peanut Butter Sandwich Shel Silverstein
  3.   A Boy Named Sue Shel Silverstein
  4.   (Happy to Be) Stuck by You Carla Ulbrich
  5.   Purple Toupee They Might Be Giants
  6.   Get Up and Go The Rutles
  7.   The Guitar Guy at the Party Mike Birbiglia
  8.   Look at All Those Idiots The Simpsons
  9.   The Laugh Factory Chance Langton
  10.   I'm So Ashamed Peter Sellers
  11.   Jewish Is Trendy Smooth E
  12.   Stairway to Heaven Pat Boone
  13.   If I Had a Hammer Leonard Nimoy
  14.   The Alphabet Song The Three Stooges
  15.   The Chanukah Song Adam Sandler
  16.   Booty Man Tim Wilson
  17.   American Guys on Mars Harry Shearer
  18.   Common People William Shatner
  19.   Row Your Boat The Chipmunks
  20.   Witch Doctor The Chipmunks
  21.   A Simple Carpenter Martin Mull
  22.   Helter Skelter The Bobs
  23.   Jim Henson's Dead Stephen Lynch
  24.   King Tut Steve Martin
  25.   Whatever You Like Weird Al Yankovic
  26.   Ajax Airlines Hudson & Landry
  27.   Ajax Liquor Store Hudson & Landry
  28.   One More Minute Weird Al Yankovic
  29.   William Tell Overture Spike Jones
  30.   Memorial Day Heywood Banks
  31.   The Streak Ray Stevens
  32.   I Like Noise Bravo Brothers
  33.   Rubber Biscuit The Chips
  34.   The Curly Shuffle Jump 'N the Saddle Band
  35.   Star Trekkin' The Firm
  36.   Chees Shop Monty Python
  37.   Poisoning Pigeons in the Park Tom Lehrer
  38.   Questionnaire The Rutles
  39.   A Waste of Money Allan Sherman
  40.   You Bet Your Life Phil Hartman
  41.   Take a Whack on the U.S. Side Bob Rivers
  42.   Goodbye Squirrel Cledus T. Judd
  43.   Island of Sirens The Simpsons
  44.   Idiot Boyfriend Jimmy Fallon
  45.   Take Off Bob & Doug McKenzie
  46.   Booty Man Tim Wilson
  47.   Bond Themes Seán Cullen
  48.   Switch to Beer Pat Godwin
  49.   Songs in the Key of L: I Love L.A./Layla/Isn't She Lovely/Ukelele Lady Harry Shearer
  50.   Kids Songs for Grownups Tom Wilson
  51.   Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Ren & Stimpy

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