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The laughs are nonstop on Comedy [Explicit] on Slacker. You’ll hear today’s hottest comedians, comedy legends and the funniest undiscovered artists. You’ll laugh to funny songs, sketch comedy and prank phone calls. LOL with Jim Gaffigan, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Larry The Cable Guy, George Lopez, Lisa Lampanelli and hundreds of other comedians.

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Top Songs on
Comedy [Explicit]

  1.   Song
  2.   Phil Carl Reiner
  3.   Rocket Scientist Bob Newhart
  4.   The Invention of Basketball Bill Cosby
  5.   Beverly Hills: Producers/Mercedes Jackie Mason
  6.   I'm Musical George Carlin
  7.   Rhyme Renditions Andrew Dice Clay
  8.   A Simple Carpenter Martin Mull
  9.   Howard Cosell, Right There! Billy Crystal
  10.   Intercourse Chris Rock
  11.   Someone's Gonna Get Hurt Rodney Dangerfield
  12.   The Hold Up Rodney Dangerfield
  13.   Baseball and Football George Carlin
  14.   Dead Parents Helping George Carlin
  15.   For Names' Sake George Carlin
  16.   Muhammad Ali-America the Beautiful George Carlin
  17.   The Hallway Groups George Carlin
  18.   Nursery Rhymes George Carlin
  19.   The Hair Piece George Carlin
  20.   Feminist Blowjob George Carlin
  21.   Head Lines George Carlin
  22.   Nigger Babies Richard Pryor
  23.   Famous People Mel Brooks
  24.   Height and Plastic Surgery Carl Reiner
  25.   Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen Robin Williams
  26.   Yeast Infection George Carlin
  27.   Six Clean Words You Can Say Anywhere Robert Klein
  28.   Ice Box Man George Carlin
  29.   Hello-Goodbye George Carlin
  30.   Rockets and Penises in the Persian Gulf George Carlin
  31.   Farting in Public George Carlin
  32.   War Stories Redd Foxx
  33.   Dice Knows When to Say When Andrew Dice Clay
  34.   How Are Ya? Andrew Dice Clay
  35.   Sid and the Oriental Andrew Dice Clay
  36.   Gangsters Redd Foxx
  37.   My Dick Redd Foxx
  38.   Civil Defense (No Talking) Robert Klein
  39.   Flying Saucers Richard Pryor
  40.   People I Can Do Without George Carlin
  41.   Why We Don't Need 10 Commandments George Carlin
  42.   Fear of Germs George Carlin
  43.   Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals Gilda Radner
  44.   Pop Goes the Weasel Robin Williams
  45.   Technology Robin Williams
  46.   Shopping Carts Steven Wright
  47.   Ice Steven Wright
  48.   Buckwheat Eddie Murphy
  49.   Buckwheat Eddie Murphy
  50.   Women Hate Women Chris Rock
  51.   Buddies Sam Kinison

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