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Movie Music gives you adventure, drama, romance and suspense! Thrill to the emotion conjured up by the sounds of the greatest cinematic masterpieces! Themes and scores from all the greats - John Williams, Danny Elfman, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and more!

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Movie Music

  1.   Song
  2.   Final Test Junkie XL
  3.   The Avengers Alan Silvestri
  4.   Battle Finale Brian Tyler
  5.   The Bourne Legacy~Aaron Run! James Newton Howard
  6.   The Game Has Changed Daft Punk
  7.   Fire In Brooklyn Theatre Randy Edelman
  8.   Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief~Prelude Christophe Beck
  9.   Skull and Crossbones Klaus Badelt
  10.   The Quidditch World Cup Patrick Doyle
  11.   Fireworks Nicholas Hooper
  12.   Main Titles Pete Anthony
  13.   He's A Pirate Hans Zimmer
  14.   New Avengers - Avengers: Age of Ultron Brian Tyler
  15.   You've Piqued My Pin-Trist Michael Giacchino
  16.   Brothers In Arms Tom Holkenborg
  17.   Music from The "Insurgent - Fight Back" Movie Trailer L'Orchestra Cinematique
  18.   The Maze Runner John Paesano
  19.   Black Tears Tyler Bates
  20.   Taking a Stand Henry Jackman
  21.   Thor: The Dark World Brian Tyler
  22.   The Battle Room Steve Jablonsky
  23.   Where To? Marco Beltrami
  24.   Go Big Or Go Extinct Ramin Djawadi
  25.   Shanghai Drive Thomas Newman
  26.   Why Do We Fall? Hans Zimmer
  27.   Off You Go Patrick Doyle
  28.   Main Title Ramin Djawadi
  29.   Earth to Asgard Patrick Doyle
  30.   The Countdown James Newton Howard
  31.   The Three Musketeers~All For One Paul Haslinger
  32.   Battle Steve Jablonsky
  33.   We're Going To Fly Now James Newton Howard
  34.   X-Men: First Class~First class Henry Jackman
  35.   Pirates of the Caribeean: On Stranger Tides~End Credits Hans Zimmer
  36.   Sledgehammer John Debney
  37.   Clash of the Titans~There Is a God in You Ramin Djawadi
  38.   Test Drive Original Score
  39.   Requiem for a Tower Escala
  40.   Buckbeak's Flight John Williams
  41.   Enterprising Young Men Michael Giacchino
  42.   Prologue John Williams
  43.   Driving with the Top Down Ramin Djawadi
  44.   Drink Up Me Hearties Hans Zimmer
  45.   Main Title from "Terminator 2"
  46.   Autobots Steve Jablonsky
  47.   The Black Pearl Hollywood Studio Symphony
  48.   The Fellowship Mask
  49.   Theme from Jurassic Park John Williams
  50.   Batman Theme (Reprise) Sinfonia of London Orchestra
  51.   Main Theme John Ottman

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