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Metal's not dead- it's just evolving. On this station, you'll hear new releases, emerging artists, and brutal metal that you'll never hear on broadcast radio.

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New Metal First

  1.   Song
  2.   Overlord Lamb of God
  3.   I.H.E. Miss May I
  4.   Stay the Course Memphis May Fire
  5.   512 Lamb of God
  6.   Armata Strigoi Powerwolf
  7.   Tonight We Ride Unleash the Archers
  8.   My God-Given Right Helloween
  9.   Pounder Nuclear Assault
  10.   When the Stillness Comes Slayer
  11.   Reach the Edge Rest Among Ruins
  12.   Black Age Blues Goatsnake
  13.   Vice Grip Parkway Drive
  14.   I Won't Give In Asking Alexandria
  15.   Wintry Plains Valkyrie
  16.   Blue Moonlight Envy
  17.   The Black Plot High On Fire
  18.   Kaedit Nos Pestis Sigh
  19.   Course Correction Coliseum
  20.   Autumnal Pyre Obsequiae
  21.   Sunshine Sworn In
  22.   Black and White From First to Last
  23.   Beaten in Lips Beartooth
  24.   Right Wing of the Garden Triptych Cradle of Filth
  25.   All in a Lie Freaks Like Me
  26.   Elixir Sirenia
  27.   Insomnia Kamelot
  28.   Army of the Night Powerwolf
  29.   Still Echoes Lamb of God
  30.   South Of The City The Devil Wears Prada
  31.   Valley of Bones Full Devil Jacket
  32.   A Shapeless Derelict Barren Earth
  33.   Bay of Pigs Civil War
  34.   Once My Light Sirenia
  35.   The Dark Stone Sour
  36.   Babylon- Single The Vintage Caravan
  37.   Night Witches Sabaton
  38.   Endless Forms Most Beautiful Nightwish
  39.   Battle's Won Helloween
  40.   Strange Gateways Beckon Tribulation
  41.   Danse Macabre The Agonist
  42.   Rivals Coal Chamber
  43.   I.O.U. Nothing Coal Chamber
  44.   The Ultimatum Shattered Sun
  45.   Winter Woede Heidevolk
  46.   Where Is Your God Now?- Single Unleashed
  47.   The Puritan Nightrage
  48.   Bury Your Pain Like Moths to Flames
  49.   Badlands In Hearts Wake
  50.   Within These Walls A Skylit Drive
  51.   Mindtraveller Falconer

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