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Metal's not dead- it's just evolving. On this station, you'll hear new releases, emerging artists, and brutal metal that you'll never hear on broadcast radio.

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Top Songs on New Metal First

  1.   Song Artist Popularity
  2.   Lay With Me Sworn In
  3.   Bury Your Pain Like Moths to Flames
  4.   Within These Walls A Skylit Drive
  5.   Mindtraveller Falconer
  6.   Judgment The Unguided
  7.   Raise a Little Hell The Answer
  8.   Stairway To Insanity Evil Invaders
  9.   Electric Sunshine Mammoth Mammoth
  10.   Day of the Dead Hollywood Undead
  11.   Doomsday Prong
  12.   Veil Of Elysium Kamelot
  13.   The Age of Revolution Emil Bulls
  14.   The Gates of Hell Sorcerer
  15.   Fork In the Road Motor Sister
  16.   Cold Psycroptic
  17.   War of Kings Europe
  18.   True Zero Cancer Bats
  19.   Extinct Moonspell
  20.   We're All in Danger Dangerkids
  21.   The Rose Memphis May Fire
  22.   I Am Hands Like Houses
  23.   Broken Generation Of Mice & Men
  24.   Nowhere To Hide Crobot
  25.   End Ov Days Hell
  26.   Destroyer Enforcer
  27.   The Killer Instinct Black Star Riders
  28.   Lempo Korpiklaani
  29.   Not Losing the Edge Cavalera Conspiracy
  30.   Chapter I: On Black Wings, A Demon Order of Israfel
  31.   Worlds Collide (As It Ends Tonight) Come the Dawn
  32.   Oliolioxinfree Sworn In
  33.   Drag the Blade Sons of Texas
  34.   Demons Ruby the Hatchet
  35.   Disappointing Grade Retox
  36.   Phoenix Veil of Maya
  37.   Trophies of Violence While She Sleeps
  38.   The Duke (Of Supernature) Monster Magnet
  39.   Madness Battle Beast
  40.   Twilight of the Gods Blind Guardian
  41.   Holy Roller Audrey Horne
  42.   Start Again Striker
  43.   Babel's Tower Primordial
  44.   Minions Torche
  45.   Deep Six Marilyn Manson
  46.   Lifetime in Ruins Unearth
  47.   Survive Gideon
  48.   Red Razor Wrists Upon a Burning Body
  49.   Sun of Nihility Job For A Cowboy
  50.   Sound of Wolves Rise of the Northstar
  51.   Hate Me Attila

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