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Metal's not dead- it's just evolving. On this station, you'll hear new releases, emerging artists, and brutal metal that you'll never hear on broadcast radio.

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Top Songs on
New Metal Now

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  2.   Earth to You Sick Puppies
  3.   Control and The Urge to Pray Saosin
  4.   Hand on Heart Psychework
  5.   Delirium Lacuna Coil
  6.   Carry Your Own Helhorse
  7.   Stranded Gojira
  8.   Tooth, Beak & Claw Avatar
  9.   A Life That Binds Darkness Divided
  10.   Swansong Magick Touch
  11.   We Are the Kings Media Solution
  12.   Jet Figther Plane The 69 Eyes
  13.   No Remorse Incite
  14.   Amaterasu Eths
  15.   Come Get It Texas Hippie Coalition
  16.   The Devil's Bleeding Crown Volbeat
  17.   In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High Rob Zombie
  18.   I Don't Miss the Misery Treat
  19.   Break Into the Wild Dynazty
  20.   33 Park Street Game Over
  21.   Blossoming Sakura Holy Dragons
  22.   Spacepirates Rain
  23.   Line of Fire Volymian
  24.   Port to Call When Our Time Comes
  25.   Smile All You Like Aliases
  26.   Holographic Principle Ii: Convergence The Zenith Passage
  27.   Tragic Alert Surgical Meth Machine
  28.   Die So Soon Crematory
  29.   Berserkr Kvelertak
  30.   Down Otep
  31.   Let the Night Roar All Hail the Yeti
  32.   No Surrender Throw the Fight
  33.   Aquanaut Sourvein
  34.   Blinded Red Wizard
  35.   Convulse Left Behind
  36.   The Dirtiest Dream Jobs The Glorious Rebellion
  37.   SOFINe Double Experience
  38.   Mass Darkness Ihsahn
  39.   Drift Erra
  40.   Acid Hologram Deftones
  41.   Dig Painted Wives
  42.   The House of Shame Lacuna Coil
  43.   Original Sin In Dying Arms
  44.   This Mental Sentence Graves at Sea
  45.   Crush Depth Hot Coffin
  46.   Dancing in the Dark It Lives, It Breathes
  47.   Machinal Khroma
  48.   Weight of the World Soto
  49.   Umana Novembre
  50.   The Bottom Devour the Day
  51.   I Am the Lion Black Stone Cherry

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