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Today’s Comedy on Slacker Radio showcases the best in modern comedic storytelling. Highlighting comedians leading the way in the modern world like Louis C.K, Daniel Tosh, Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, Patton Oswalt and Lewis Black to discovering the superstars of tomorrow in Bo Burnham, Anthony Jeselnik, Whitney Cummings, Kurt Metzger and Hannibal Buress.

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Top Songs on Today's Comedy [Explicit]

  1.   Song Artist Popularity
  2.   My Code Name Bill Cosby
  3.   Women Hate Women Chris Rock
  4.   Gay Robot Adam Sandler
  5.   Gay Cowboys Artie Lange
  6.   Party Monkeys Nick Swardson
  7.   Stop Over Packing Sinbad
  8.   Got Married Jim Gaffigan
  9.   The Twelve Days of Christmas Norm MacDonald
  10.   Assorted Cheese Platter Lisa Lampanelli
  11.   New Joisey Jim Norton
  12.   Television Comedy Jim Norton
  13.   Guy In Traffic Louis C.K.
  14.   Laundraholic Mike Birbiglia
  15.   Small Talk Maria Bamford
  16.   Ping Pong Tables John Heffron
  17.   Easy Girls Mitch Fatel
  18.   Marriage Is Gay Doug Stanhope
  19.   Ants Doug Stanhope
  20.   The Coldest Winter EVER! Lewis Black
  21.   The End of the Universe Lewis Black
  22.   Education in Arkansas Lewis Black
  23.   Operation: Monopoly Dane Cook
  24.   Cribs Todd Barry
  25.   Coke vs. Pepsi Todd Barry
  26.   Lullaby (Divorce Song) Stephen Lynch
  27.   Hollywood Made Me Queer Daniel Tosh
  28.   Creepy Guy @ Work Dane Cook
  29.   America Loses Its Mind Lewis Black
  30.   Special Ed, Ladies?, Grandmother, Religion Eugene Mirman
  31.   80's Metal Patton Oswalt
  32.   Cookies Mitch Hedberg
  33.   Latinos in the House Russell Peters
  34.   Weathermen Have Become, For the Most Part, Obsolete! David Cross
  35.   Men Are Good and Women Are Beautiful Lisa Lampanelli
  36.   Having My Baby Jim Gaffigan
  37.   This Track is Not Called Quiet on tha Set Kyle Kinane
  38.   Intro / Denver is Great Joe Rogan
  39.   40 Days And 40 Nights Of Silent Bobs Matt Braunger
  40.   Ropes of Christmas Cheer Big Jay Oakerson
  41.   Can't Stop Eating Jim Gaffigan
  42.   I Work Out Hannibal Buress
  43.   Super Period Chris D'Elia
  44.   You Seem Cool Mike Birbiglia
  45.   Living Together Steve Rannazzisi
  46.   Facebook/Twitter Kathleen Madigan
  47.   9 Years No Sleep Tom Papa
  48.   The Tako Incident Christopher Titus
  49.   More Arms Than Courage Todd Glass
  50.   Married... With Canines John Caparulo
  51.   Drink to Have a Good Time Doug Stanhope

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