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10cc 11//2014


After the success of Bloody Tourists, and the artsy excess of Look Hear?, Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman gave the rest of the band their walking papers, and recorded this album as a duo. Sounding fresh and energized, this was by far 10cc's best album since 1977's Deceptive Bends. Maintaining a mild case of the quirkiness of old, Stewart and Gouldman embrace some of their finest melodies on this release, allowing the songs to speak for themselves. "Don't Ask" is one of those great little pop songs that you think you've heard somewhere before, but haven't, and it should have been a massive single, but wasn't. "Memories," "Les Nouveaux Riches," and "Overdraft In Overdrive" all utilize a reggae backbeat, but are even more carefree than their 1978 single "Dreadlock Holiday!" Both members share the spotlight throughout, trading off lead and backing vocals with ease. Gouldman's vocals sound more confident than ever, while Stewart still sings like an angel (he'll melt your heart on "Don't Turn Me Away," and "Lying Here With You"). The only weak track in the bunch is the barroom blues track, "Listen With Your Eyes," which was probably written in their sleep. The U.K. and U.S. versions of the albums differ by a few tracks (the U.S. version replaces three songs with tracks recorded with Andrew Gold). Quite possibly the last great 10cc album, and certainly the last to sound like a true collaborative effort between Stewart and Gouldman. ~ Steve Schnee
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Don't Ask 10cc 4:0
  3. 2 Overdraft in Overdrive 10cc 3:21
  4. 3 Don't Turn Me Away 10cc 5:0
  5. 4 Memories 10cc 4:28
  6. 5 Notell Hotel 10cc 4:53
  7. 6 Les Nouveaux Riches 10cc 5:9
  8. 7 Action Man in Motown Suit 10cc 4:43
  9. 8 Listen With Your Eyes 10cc 3:10
  10. 9 Lying Here With You 10cc 3:16
  11. 10 Survivor 10cc 5:44
  12. 11 The Power of Love 10cc 4:10
  13. 12 Memories [US Mix] 10cc 4:25
  14. 13 We've Heard It All Before 10cc 3:33
  15. 14 Tomorrow's World Today 10cc 3:12
  16. 15 Run Away 10cc 4:0
  17. 16 Les Nouveaux Riches [Edit] 10cc 4:33
  18. 17 You're Coming Home Again 10cc 4:25

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