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Live and Let Live

10cc 31/7/2008


The time for a 10cc live album would have been as they toured The Original Soundtrack with one of the most adventurous -- not to mention musically extravagant -- shows of the age. Instead, they waited two more years, until the newly reduced Eric Stewart/Graham Gouldman-led lineup headed out to promote the first LP since the split, Deceptive Bends, buoyed by the fact that the hits just kept on coming. It is a fun listen on its own terms, a double-vinyl package that wraps a hard-hitting rock show around a good selection of hits. But it is also an unsatisfying venture, as it duplicates all but one track from Deceptive Bends, then avoids any reference to the Godley/Creme era by confining the hits to Stewart and Gouldman compositions alone. That this includes one song previously valued no higher than a B-side ("Waterfall") is an advantage of this approach; unfortunately, you also realize just how straightforward and rocky the duo's writing could be, and Live and Let Live emerges less a document of a great live performance than a desperate résumé, the surviving bandmembers so intent upon proving their own worth that they forgot what made the band so special in the first place. ~ Dave Thompson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Second Sitting for the Last Supper 10cc 4:43
  3. 2 You've Got a Cold 10cc 3:58
  4. 3 Honeymoon with B Troop 10cc 3:57
  5. 4 Art for Art's Sake 10cc 7:15
  6. 5 People in Love 10cc 4:12
  7. 6 Wall Street Shuffle 10cc 4:13
  8. 7 Ships Don't Disappear in the Night 10cc 7:34
  9. 8 I'm Mandy Fly Me 10cc 6:3
  10. 9 Marriage Bureau Rendezvous 10cc 4:17
  11. 1 Good Morning Judge 10cc 3:11
  12. 2 Feel the Benefit 10cc 13:36
  13. 3 The Things We Do for Love 10cc 3:49
  14. 4 Waterfall 10cc 7:24
  15. 4 Warterfall 10cc 7:48
  16. 5 I'm Not in Love 10cc 7:0
  17. 6 Modern Man Blues 10cc 8:2

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