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MOSAIC [Download Card]

311 6/23/2017


Nearly three decades into their careers, 311 unveiled Mosaic, their 12th album of fusion rock that continues their tried-and-true combination of reggae, hip-hop, and alternative metal. The fourth set produced by Scott "Scotch" Ralston, Mosaic extends the path of 2014's Stereolithic -- deeper lyrics and expert execution -- except with a more exciting and uplifting vibe. The island influences make this an enjoyable summertime soundtrack, but aside from the outright tropical cabana vibe of "Island Sun," Mosaic's tunes are more fit for a sunset rager on a sweaty beach. "The Night Is Young" starts with a chilled-out groove courtesy of guitarist Tim Mahoney, bassist P-Nut, and drummer Chad Sexton, before doubling-down with a crunchy blast that kicks sand into the face of anyone who thought 311 were getting soft in their forties. "One in the Same" and "Hey Yo" are absolute assaults that also prove this point nicely. Such satisfying riffs and pounding drums abound on Mosaic, offering a bountiful handful of "classic" 311 tracks to "open up the pit," as S.A. Martinez raps on "Perfect Mistake." He continues, "This is life, man/All we do is jam/We'll make you feel like a child/Again and again." Indeed, the warm feelings of nostalgia continuously bubble up on "Too Late," "One in the Same," "Face in the Wind," and many more. John Feldmann (Goldfinger, blink-182, All Time Low) joins the production team for a handful of entries, infusing ''Til the City's on Fire" with a dancehall/pop-punk heartbeat that even includes a bass drop, and the contemplative "Places That the Mind Goes" with a distinct "Amber" energy. At a hefty 17 songs, Mosaic seems like it might overstay its welcome. However, with the amount of variety on display -- a "mosaic" of sounds, if you will -- the LP serves as an energetic soundtrack with thrilling peaks and blissed-out valleys, making it yet another gift to their dedicated fan base and another possible entry point for casual listeners who haven't checked out the Omaha quintet since "Down" or "Love Song." Closing with the anthemic "On a Roll," Nick Hexum sings "Gonna keep it alive/We're always chasing the sun/Writing words to a book/Another chapter's begun." It's a triumphant declaration from these vets, a rousing promise that the party has yet to end. [Mosaic was also released on LP and included a download card.] ~ Neil Z. Yeung
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Too Much to Think 311 3:53
  3. 2 Wildfire 311 5:28
  4. 3 The Night Is Young 311 3:46
  5. 4 Island Sun 311 3:0
  6. 5 Perfect Mistake 311 3:11
  7. 6 Extension 311 2:52
  8. 7 Inside Our Home 311 3:37
  9. 8 'Til the City's On Fire 311 2:57
  10. 9 Too Late 311 5:22
  11. 10 Hey Yo 311 3:33
  12. 11 Places That the Mind Goes 311 2:58
  13. 12 Face in the Wind 311 3:39
  14. 13 Forever Now 311 3:25
  15. 14 Days of '88 311 3:51
  16. 15 One and the Same 311 3:27
  17. 16 Syntax Error 311 2:13
  18. 17 On a Roll 311 3:7
  19. 1 Too Late 311 null:null
  20. 2 Hey Yo 311 null:null
  21. 3 Places That the Mind Goes 311 null:null
  22. 4 Face in the Wind 311 null:null
  23. 5 Forever Now 311 null:null
  24. 6 Days of '88 311 null:null
  25. 7 One and the Same 311 null:null
  26. 8 Syntax Error 311 null:null
  27. 9 On a Roll 311 null:null

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