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Three Sixty

A Perfect Circle 11/19/2013


When you're looking to explore a new band, there's almost always a single album that's a better gateway than a best-of compilation. As they are in most every other way, however, A Perfect Circle are a pretty different animal. An artful and ambitious product of the '90s art metal scene, the collaborative project between guitarist and songwriter Billy Howerdel and singer (and Tool frontman) Maynard James Keenan has produced both its fair share of sublime highs and well-intentioned lows. With Three Sixty, the band has put together a tour of the band's shiniest moments, stripping their back catalog down to its most essential songs. From early tracks like "The Hollow" and "Judith" (from the excellent Mer de Noms), to their chilling cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" (from eMOTIVe), the compilation gives listeners direct access to the band's best work. This helps to avoid some of the unevenness that crops up on their full-lengths, giving fans a purer look at the brilliance this band was capable of. As a bonus, Three Sixty also features "By and Down," their first new studio track since they returned from their hiatus in 2011. This makes Three Sixty a rare best-of compilation that doesn't just highlight the achievements of the past, but shines a light on the possibilities of the future. ~ Gregory Heaney
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Hollow A Perfect Circle 2:56
  3. 2 Judith A Perfect Circle 4:2
  4. 3 Orestes A Perfect Circle 4:43
  5. 4 3 Libras A Perfect Circle 3:34
  6. 5 Weak and Powerless A Perfect Circle 3:12
  7. 6 The Noose A Perfect Circle 4:52
  8. 7 The Outsider A Perfect Circle 4:3
  9. 8 Blue A Perfect Circle 4:1
  10. 9 When the Levee Breaks A Perfect Circle 5:49
  11. 10 Imagine A Perfect Circle 4:45
  12. 11 Counting Bodies Like Sheep To the Rhythm of the War Drums A Perfect Circle 5:53
  13. 12 Passive A Perfect Circle 4:5
  14. 13 By and Down A Perfect Circle 5:29

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