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  1. Because I Got High 2007
  2. Happy to Be Alive
Afroman 6/27/2006


It's the same old, same old from {$Afroman} -- drinking, getting stoned, and getting in trouble. While his subject matter and lazy flow haven't changed a bit, with {^Drunk'n'High} the rapper has settled into a comfortable indie life as explained on the highlight {&"Husler Man."} "Go to your computer and select it/Shop online/And I'll ship it" promotes the man's cottage industry, and then he rattles off all the major music retailers -- some now dead and buried -- who have done him wrong. It's a {$Kottonmouth Kings}/{$Insane Clown Posse}-type move, and it suits him just fine. Not so different from what a {$Kings} or {$ICP} fan desires, {$Afroman}'s target audience just wants to get drunk and even more so, high along with flipping the bird to authority. From beginning to end, {^Drunk'n'High} does just that, over beats that are better than expected but never stunning. What is impressive is the clever {&"Scrollin Thru My Bitches,"} a seven-minute epic that pages through {$Afroman}'s black book and lists all of his female conquests in alphabetical order. The out-of-place {&"Gotta Stop Drinkin"} is a real bad hangover but it's the only time the album isn't entertaining. With so much weed talk and plenty of empty 40s rolling across the floor, this isn't for everybody; however, those who still pull out his big hit {&"Because I Got High"} on a regular basis are going to pleased by this simple, unambitious, and rather fun album. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Let's All Get Drunk Afroman 4:17
  3. 2 Husler Man Afroman 3:38
  4. 3 Gotta Stop Drinkin Afroman 4:6
  5. 4 I Live in a Van Afroman 4:39
  6. 5 Keep It Movin Afroman 5:47
  7. 6 Front n Back Afroman 2:57
  8. 7 3 Wheelin Afroman 3:45
  9. 8 Drinkin on the Sidewalk Afroman 4:12
  10. 9 Turn Up the Volume Knob Afroman 5:18
  11. 10 I Refuse Afroman 4:23
  12. 11 Scrollin Thru My Bitches Afroman 7:23
  13. 12 White Girlz Afroman 6:5
  14. 13 Feel Alright Afroman 2:19
  15. 14 Drunk'n'high Afroman 1:59
  16. 15 Cracchouse Afroman 4:13

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