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Rock for Light

Bad Brains 29//1991


After the tinny sound quality of the band's debut, the second Bad Brains album came as a real blast of sonic fresh air. Producer Ric Ocasek is largely responsible, but the increased tightness and focus are also a function of maturation. This band was a weird bundle of contradictions from day one: black Rastafarian instrumental virtuosos playing hardcore punk, formerly the exclusive domain of white, aggressively atheist musical amateurs. That last contradiction would come to full musical flower on I Against I, but Rock for Light shows the band at the height of its punk energy. "P.M.A.," "Joshua's Song," and "Coptic Times" are typical examples of Bad Brains' unique blend of punk velocity and Rasta ideology. When they suddenly swing into mellow reggae (on "I and I Survive," "The Meek," "Rally 'Round Jah Throne," and the dubwise instrumental "Jam"), the effect is like some kind of pleasant musical whiplash. The 1990 CD reissue of this album was remixed by Ocasek and bassist Darryl Jenifer, and it includes several bonus tracks. ~ Rick Anderson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Big Takeover Bad Brains 2:28
  3. 2 Attitude Bad Brains 1:10
  4. 3 Right Brigade Bad Brains 2:7
  5. 4 Joshua's Song Bad Brains 0:32
  6. 5 I and I Survive Bad Brains 5:10
  7. 6 Banned in D.C. Bad Brains 1:58
  8. 7 Supertouch Bad Brains 2:20
  9. 8 Destroy Babylon Bad Brains 1:19
  10. 9 F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers) Bad Brains 0:58
  11. 10 The Meek Bad Brains 3:34
  12. 11 I Bad Brains 1:55
  13. 12 Coptic Times Bad Brains 2:5
  14. 13 Sailin' On Bad Brains 1:45
  15. 14 Rock for Light Bad Brains 1:36
  16. 15 Rally Round Jah Throne Bad Brains 3:57
  17. 16 At the Movies Bad Brains 2:16
  18. 17 Riot Squad Bad Brains 2:0
  19. 18 How Low Can a Punk Get? Bad Brains 1:50
  20. 19 We Will Not Bad Brains 1:35
  21. 20 Jam Bad Brains 1:11

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