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The Ultimate Bang Tango: Rockers and Thieves [Dead Line]

Bang Tango 8/24/2004


This probably isn't the "ultimate" Bang Tango retrospective. It doesn't remedy the shoddiness of Greatest Hits, Cleopatra's 1999 BT compendium. Instead, it cobbles five of its twelve main tracks from 1998's Live, binds them to "Someone Like You" and "Untied and True," and fills out the set with four newly-recorded cover songs. The latter portion features original Bang Tangoist Joe Lesté on vocals backed by a gaggle of metal-scene roustabouts (George Lynch, Tracii Guns, etc.) Their run through "Mr. Brownstone" is bar band solid, but an electro-goth Sheep on Drugs remix of the Crüe's "Starry Eyes" is out of place here. Even if the liners say he is, it doesn't even sound like Lesté singing. Rather than living up to its title, Ultimate Bang Tango seems like a Deadline/ Cleopatra cash-in job. The previously unreleased covers might interest band completists. But those same fans are going to have to wait for a definitive Bang Tango retrospective. ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Someone Like You Bang Tango 4:24
  3. 2 Untied and True Bang Tango 4:44
  4. 3 Do What You're Told Bang Tango 2:57
  5. 4 Soul to Soul Bang Tango 4:12
  6. 5 I'm in Love Bang Tango 3:47
  7. 6 Daddy Bang Tango 2:43
  8. 7 20th Century Boy Bang Tango 3:45
  9. 8 Children of the Revolution Bang Tango 2:11
  10. 9 Love Injection Bang Tango 3:50
  11. 10 Dressed Up Vamp Bang Tango 4:55
  12. 11 Cuts You Down Bang Tango 3:27
  13. 12 Midnight Struck Bang Tango 4:48
  14. 13 The Zoo Bang Tango 4:54
  15. 14 Rock Brigade Bang Tango 3:3
  16. 15 Starry Eyes [Sheep on Drugs Remix] Bang Tango 4:57
  17. 16 Mr. Brownstone [The Over Medium] Bang Tango 3:54

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