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Bill Engvall 21/3/2007


The title to countrified comedian Bill Engvall's umpteenth release refers to how much an "Everyman" he is. Just like you average Joe, Engvall feels a little off from society, "not a like a Dungeons & Dragons dork, but just a little dork." This approachable style comes off even better in front of his hometown Texas audience, which is where this Comedy Central special, DVD, and CD was recorded. Comfortably strolling through his routine like an old friend telling stories, Engvall covers plenty of everyday frustrations in a connectable, Cosby-esque fashion with an extra helping of gross, but a tame type of gross that won't offend most. For instance, fellow Blue Collar comedian Larry the Cable Guy may be bold and proud when he breaks wind, while Engvall is timid and horrified to do it in front of his wife on the body function obsessed "Hurting Gas." His strongest material isn't gross at all with the great quip "What's a negative ion? I ain't never seen one!" dropped in "Ionic Breeze" while "Wives and NASCAR" suggests the drivers should dump their spotters and bring their nagging significant others along for advice ("Go around him! You're just being a jackass!"). Towering above it all is the title track, which finds Engvall stumbling and fumbling when he has the honor of meeting his hero, George Strait. Even if it doesn't have an instant catch phrase like his popular "Here's Your Sign," the excellent routine makes up for all the jokes that are so corny you expect that loose fence board from Hee Haw to appear and whup him on the rear. Course, that's part of Engvall's charm, and after all these years, albums, and tours, he doesn't disappoint. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Argue Naked Bill Engvall 3:34
  3. 2 Slim Jims Bill Engvall 1:53
  4. 3 Free Range Chickens Bill Engvall 2:54
  5. 4 Ironic Breeze Bill Engvall 2:11
  6. 5 Getting Older Bill Engvall 2:5
  7. 6 Part Of Your Package Bill Engvall 2:39
  8. 7 Wives and NASCAR Bill Engvall 6:5
  9. 8 Bad Weiner Day Bill Engvall 5:27
  10. 9 Hurting Gas Bill Engvall 4:10
  11. 10 15° Off Cool Bill Engvall 5:7
  12. 11 Fantasy Camp Bill Engvall 2:3
  13. 12 Thunderbirds Bill Engvall 10:13

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