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A Decade of Laughs

Bill Engvall 10/26/2004


Best known for his "Here's Your Sign" bit -- as in what stupid people should be given -- Bill Engvall has built quite a following for his everyman brand of humor, a mix of folksy observations ("Factory outlet malls...Where you go to buy mistakes"), everyday family absurdities ("Son, please don't bite the dog..."), and the general trials of being a guy -- quitting smoking, being stubbornly old-fashioned, and getting old. "I don't know what this guy was looking for," Engvall says of the doctor giving him a physical, "But after a while I'm like 'Hey doc, why don't you tell me what I'm thinking?!'" Engvall has been especially successful as part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, where he joins Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White in grousing good-naturedly about the inanities of American life. Fans of that tour will feel right at home with this overview of Engvall's solo material, as will his longtime listeners, since it gives them the big hits. In addition to his best comedy routines, A Decade of Laughs also features a selection of them set to country music tracks. Travis Tritt puts "Here's Your Sign" to a honky tonk tune, John Michael Montgomery guests on "Warning Signs," and "It's Hard to be a Parent" is self-explanatory. ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Factory Outlet Malls Bill Engvall 1:36
  3. 2 Flying Bill Engvall 3:35
  4. 3 Bungee Jumping and Parachuting Bill Engvall 5:12
  5. 4 Grading Your Biological Output Bill Engvall 3:43
  6. 5 "Nice" Stops at Midnight Bill Engvall 1:35
  7. 6 Old Fashioned Bill Engvall 3:36
  8. 7 When Did Shrapnel Become a Fashion Accessory? Bill Engvall 3:32
  9. 8 Cigarettes Equal Pain Bill Engvall 4:3
  10. 9 After Twenty Years of Marriage Bill Engvall 2:26
  11. 10 The Differences in Years Bill Engvall 1:16
  12. 11 Dorkfish Bill Engvall 1:58
  13. 12 Nobody Disciplines Their Kids Anymore Bill Engvall 5:14
  14. 13 I.G. Joe Bill Engvall 2:17
  15. 14 In Vitro Bill Engvall 3:58
  16. 15 Tell Me What I'm Thinking Bill Engvall 1:31
  17. 16 Going to the Fair Bill Engvall 4:10
  18. 17 Here's Your Sign Bill Engvall 7:45
  19. 18 Here's Your Sign Reloaded Bill Engvall 5:9
  20. 19 Hollywood Indian Guides Bill Engvall 3:40
  21. 20 Here's Your Sign (Get the Picture) [Musical Track] Bill Engvall 2:34
  22. 21 Warning Signs [Musical Track] Bill Engvall 2:50
  23. 22 It's Hard to Be a Parent Bill Engvall 2:55

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