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Ultimate Laughs

Bill Engvall 31/8/2014


Rounding up his best bits from the years 1996 to 2009, Ultimate Laughs features the Blue Collar comedian's greatest hits, including the monolithic "Here's Your Sign." That career-defining bit, which suggests stupid people wear an "I'm stupid" sign so the rest of the world has fair warning, is here along with all of its sequels, which are surprisingly just as good. Titles like "Bad Weiner Day," "Argue Naked," and "Hurting Gas" display what a great combination Engvall is when it comes to his "aw shucks combined with poop jokes" style, while a cut like "Vicodinland" is a fine example of the man in long story mode, coping with life after 40 and how it is often an aggravating mix of pills and problems ("I discovered that half a Vicodin and a Bahama Mama makes for a really good day"). The set is put together so that it runs like a live show of Engvall highlights with a "Here's Your Sign" return as an encore, then six of the comedian's novelty music numbers close the show, two of them dealing with Christmas and one of them featuring Travis Tritt. Essential for Blue Collar Comedy fans who haven't checked out any of the guy's solo work, and worth a longtime fan's attention, just for the creative sequencing and portable ease. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Here's Your Sign Bill Engvall 7:45
  3. 2 More Here's Your Sign Bill Engvall 3:15
  4. 3 Colonoscopy Bill Engvall 7:10
  5. 4 Vicodinland Bill Engvall 7:29
  6. 5 Discovery Channel Bill Engvall 3:29
  7. 6 School Bus Kid Bill Engvall 6:57
  8. 7 We've Got a Full House Bill Engvall 8:27
  9. 8 My Daughter's Growing Up Bill Engvall 2:33
  10. 9 Argue Naked Bill Engvall 3:34
  11. 10 Bad Weiner Day Bill Engvall 5:27
  12. 11 Boarding Our Dogs Bill Engvall 4:28
  13. 12 T-Ball and Indian Guides Bill Engvall 8:2
  14. 13 I.G. Joe Bill Engvall 5:13
  15. 1 Here's Your Sign: Reloaded Bill Engvall 5:8
  16. 2 Hurting Gas Bill Engvall 4:11
  17. 3 Dorkfish Bill Engvall 1:58
  18. 4 Wives and NASCAR Bill Engvall 6:5
  19. 5 Going to the Fair Bill Engvall 4:10
  20. 6 Deer Hunting Bill Engvall 4:31
  21. 7 Here's Your Sign [Encore] Bill Engvall 2:47
  22. 8 Here's Your Sign (Get the Picture) Bill Engvall 3:38
  23. 9 Here's Your Sign (Don't Mess with Us) Bill Engvall 2:27
  24. 10 I'm a Cowboy Bill Engvall 3:15
  25. 11 Fruitcake Makes Me Puke Bill Engvall 3:49
  26. 12 Here's Your Sign Christmas Bill Engvall 2:16
  27. 13 Going to the Fair [Song] Bill Engvall 3:47

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