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Billy Mayerl: Original Recordings, Vol. 1

Billy Mayerl 31/8/2003


This entertaining set from Naxos collects numerous Billy Mayerl recordings, showing both the eccentric, crazy-fingered side of the British pianist while also including his more conventional period pieces. "Marigold" -- Mayerl's defining performance -- is here; it even provides inspiration for the cover art. "All-Of-A-Twist" shows off Mayerl's wild abandon on the ivories, traveling up and down the keyboard while still staying within the framework of 1920s instrumental style -- it's like the rapid-fire soundtrack of an early motion picture. You can just see the herky-jerky footage, with a smiling man in a straw boater riding his penny farthing bicycle, turning to the lens as if to speak, and laughing when he realizes he's on camera. At the same time, Mayerl's slower material shows a flair for nuance. The suites -- "Three Miniatures in Syncopation" and "Three Dances in Syncopation" -- each move beautifully through quiet moments and flashes of tittering keys. Again, it's easy to hear it and imagine the gray scale snapshot of a British Pathé newsreel, turning its cameras on an estate sale, or a public appearance by Princess Elizabeth. While his introspective suites showed needed depth, it was his rapid-fire, oddly-timed compositions with which Mayerl really made his name, and Original Recordings doesn't disappoint. Besides "All-Of-A-Twist," there's "Jazzaristrix," "Virginia Creeper," and the fabulously wacky "Honky-Tonk." The set is a great overview of a talented pianist's work while being incredibly provocative for his particular time period.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Marigold, a syncopated impression for piano Billy Mayerl 2:26
  3. 2 Puppets, suite for piano~I. Golliwog Billy Mayerl 1:46
  4. 3 Puppets, suite for piano~II. Judy Billy Mayerl 2:19
  5. 4 Puppets, suite for piano~III. Punch Billy Mayerl 2:12
  6. 5 The Desert Song, operetta~Medley: Intro / One Alone / The Riff Song / The Desert Song / It Billy Mayerl 3:41
  7. 6 All-of-a-Twist, for piano (from Pianolettes) Billy Mayerl 2:29
  8. 7 Eskimo Shivers, for piano Billy Mayerl 2:38
  9. 8 Medley: Intro / Your Sunny Disposition and Mine / Anything / It Must Be You Billy Mayerl 2:53
  10. 9 Miniatures (3) in Syncopation, for piano, Op. 76~I. Cobweb Billy Mayerl 2:31
  11. 10 Miniatures (3) in Syncopation, for piano, Op. 76~II. Muffin Man Billy Mayerl 1:29
  12. 11 Miniatures (3) in Syncopation, for piano, Op. 76~III. Clockwork Billy Mayerl 1:26
  13. 12 Sennen Cove for piano, Op. 53 Billy Mayerl 8:10
  14. 13 Jazzaristrix, for piano Billy Mayerl 2:55
  15. 14 Virginia Creeper, for piano Billy Mayerl 2:36
  16. 15 Limehouse Blues Billy Mayerl 2:24
  17. 16 Mignonette, for piano Billy Mayerl 2:52
  18. 17 Dances (3) in Syncopation for piano, Op. 73~I. English Dance Billy Mayerl 1:39
  19. 18 Dances (3) in Syncopation for piano, Op. 73~II. Cricket Dance Billy Mayerl 1:26
  20. 19 Dances (3) in Syncopation for piano, Op. 73~III. Harmonica Dance Billy Mayerl 2:47
  21. 20 Indespensable You (for inclusion in the musical "Silver Wings") Billy Mayerl 2:40
  22. 21 Honky-Tonk, a rhythmical absurdity for piano Billy Mayerl 2:36
  23. 22 Honeysuckle, for piano Billy Mayerl 2:48
  24. 23 Medley: Intro / A-Shooting We Will Go / You're the Reason Why / Those In Favour Billy Mayerl 3:10
  25. 24 Have A Heart Billy Mayerl 2:55
  26. 25 Hollyhock, for piano Billy Mayerl 1:44

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