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Other albums by Bim Skala Bim

  1. Tuba City
  2. The One That Got Away
  3. Krinkle
Bim Skala Bim 8/29/2000


Bim Skala Bim's tenth album finds the Boston-based ska band continuing in its well-established neo-trad ska sound: lots of organ, lots of horns, tempos that have slowed down a bit from its early years in the wake of the first wave of ska-punk, but still brisk and exciting. The formula hasn't changed that much, but the band's songwriting chops have improved quite a bit since the days of "Fathead" and "Gopher Rodeo." In fact, if Krinkle has a significant flaw, it's the album's very consistency -- the fact that while there are no particularly weak tracks (though "Food for Soul" is a just a bit overlong), there are also none that really stand out as something special. That consistency does make for a generally agreeable listening experience, however, and on nicely crafted pop-ska tunes like "Hardest of the Parts," "Dislexic" (misspelled on purpose, no doubt), and the old-fashioned rocksteady love song "Hey Girl," new listeners will find their interest piqued and old fans will be reminded of what turned them on to this band lo these 20 years ago. Recommended. ~ Rick Anderson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Step up to Me Bim Skala Bim 3:52
  3. 2 Hardest of the Parts Bim Skala Bim 2:53
  4. 3 Food for Soul Bim Skala Bim 4:9
  5. 4 Dislexic Bim Skala Bim 2:50
  6. 5 373 Bim Skala Bim 4:28
  7. 6 Calm Down Bim Skala Bim 3:8
  8. 7 Kelp Bim Skala Bim 1:43
  9. 8 Set It Right Bim Skala Bim 4:35
  10. 9 Long Way Bim Skala Bim 2:57
  11. 10 Lost in Translation Bim Skala Bim 2:41
  12. 11 Hey Girl Bim Skala Bim 3:45
  13. 12 No Fly Zone Bim Skala Bim 3:30
  14. 13 Popcorn Bim Skala Bim 2:50
  15. 14 Deep Sea Diver Bim Skala Bim 2:35

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