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The Great Fire


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Bleeding Through 13/1/2012


Orange County metalcore outfit Bleeding Through's seventh studio album wastes little time in pulling the meat off of the bone. Opening with the instrumental cut "The March," which apes the intro to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and then filters it through a spinning chainsaw blade, the 14 tracks on The Great Fire are predictably punishing yet expertly crafted. Brutal and efficient (the average song length clocks in at just under three minutes), the band can toss off savage breakdowns, dual guitar leads, and stadium-sized group vocals with the best of them, and on stand-out cuts like "Final Hours" and "Walking Dead," they sound like true pack leaders as opposed to hungry followers. The keyboard parts are handled with great confidence, maybe a tad too much, as they have a tendency to ride a little high in the mix. That said, they do add a distinct Norwegian metal patina to the whole affair, resulting in a listening experience that can feel a little like cueing up tracks from At the Gates, Black Flag, and Dimmu Borgir, and then pressing play on all three, which is not necessarily a bad thing. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The March Bleeding Through 1:45
  3. 2 Faith in Fire Bleeding Through 1:54
  4. 3 Say Goodbye to Death Bleeding Through 2:33
  5. 4 Final Hour Bleeding Through 3:56
  6. 5 Starving Vultures Bleeding Through 2:42
  7. 6 Everything You Love Is Gone Bleeding Through 1:47
  8. 7 Walking Dead Bleeding Through 4:5
  9. 8 The Devil and Self Doubt Bleeding Through 3:1
  10. 9 Step Back in Line Bleeding Through 2:46
  11. 10 Trail of Seclusion Bleeding Through 3:40
  12. 11 Deaf Ears Bleeding Through 2:53
  13. 12 One by One Bleeding Through 1:37
  14. 13 Entrenched Bleeding Through 3:39
  15. 14 Back to Life Bleeding Through 2:38
  16. 1 Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  17. 2 Sweet Vampirous [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  18. 3 Number Seven with a Bullet [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  19. 4 Turns Cold to the Touch [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  20. 5 Just Another Pretty Face [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  21. 6 Rise [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  22. 7 Savior, Saint, Salvation [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  23. 8 Ill, Pt. 2 [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  24. 9 Revenge I Seek [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  25. 10 Wake of Orion [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  26. 11 Hemlock Society [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null
  27. 12 On Wings of Lead [DVD] Bleeding Through null:null

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