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Magic of Boney M. [Faria]

Boney M. 2006


A 20-track hits compilation, The Magic of Boney M. is a fair account of the band's biggest chart smashes, with a few extra goodies thrown in for fun. A club staple in Europe, the band also had a fair amount of success in the United States, although, good as they could be, they remained for the most part on the fringe. Better across their hits than on albums proper, Boney M. kick off this well-paced collection with the classic reggae spiritual "Rivers of Babylon" before diving to the opposite end of the spectrum with the slightly sinister stylings of "Daddy Cool" -- "Do you know who your sugar daddy is?" Other highlights are the outstanding and gleefully overwrought "Rasputin" and "Ma Baker." "El Lute," on the other hand, doesn't work within the formula and sounds more sub-MOR Abba than anything else. Included, too, is the now classic "Brown Girl in the Ring." And it just wouldn't be a true Boney M. experience without one or two of their holiday hits. We are rewarded with both "Mary's Boy Child" and the less-than-stellar "Hooray Hooray, It's a Holi-Holiday." ~ Amy Hanson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Daddy Cool Boney M. 3:26
  3. 2 Sunny Boney M. 3:56
  4. 3 Rivers of Babylon Boney M. 4:15
  5. 4 El Lute Boney M. 3:58
  6. 5 No Woman No Cry Boney M. 4:17
  7. 6 Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday Boney M. 3:55
  8. 7 Rasputin Boney M. 4:25
  9. 8 Painter Man Boney M. 3:16
  10. 9 Belfast Boney M. 3:27
  11. 10 Brown Girl in the Ring Boney M. 4:0
  12. 11 Kalimba de Luna Boney M. 4:12
  13. 12 Happy Song Boney M. 3:58
  14. 13 Still I'm Sad Boney M. 4:25
  15. 14 Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord Boney M. 4:1
  16. 15 Baby Do You Wanna Bump Boney M. 2:26
  17. 16 Felicidad Boney M. 2:51
  18. 17 Gotta Go Home Boney M. 2:32
  19. 18 Ma Barker Boney M. 4:6
  20. 19 Sunny [Remix by Mousse T.] Boney M. 3:20
  21. 20 A Moment of Love [A Brand New Song from 2006-Featuring Original Member Le Boney M. 3:12

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