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...Baby One More Time [Japan 2007]


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Britney Spears 6/25/2007


At the beginning of the '90s, teen currency shifted from bubblegum'n'Tiger Beat to grunge'n'Maximum Rock & Roll. Although it may have been pushed from the spotlight, teen pop hadn't died -- it, in a way, went underground, spending time on the fringes of pop culture. One of the leading lights of the exiled teen brigade was The New Mickey Mouse Club. For several years, it toiled away on the Disney Network, earning a small fan base -- but, more importantly, providing a launchpad for several careers, including that of Britney Spears. Like her fellow NMMC alumni *N Sync, Spears shot to stardom in the late '90s, just as she was on the verge of late adolescence. By that time, everything old was new again. Albums like her debut, ...Baby One More Time, were topping the charts as if they were Hangin' Tough, which is only appropriate since it sounded as if it could have been cut in 1989, not 1999. ...Baby One More Time has the same blend of infectious, rap-inflected dance-pop and smooth balladry that propelled the New Kids and Debbie Gibson, due to the Backstreet Boys' producer, Max Martin, who is also the mastermind behind Spears' debut. He has a knack for catchy hooks, endearing melodies, and engaging Euro-dance rhythms, all of which are best heard on the hits: the ingenious title track, "Sometimes," "(You Drive Me) Crazy," and the utterly delightful, bubblegum-ragga album track "Soda Pop." Like many teen pop albums, ...Baby One More Time has its share of well-crafted filler, but the singles, combined with Britney's burgeoning charisma, make this a pretty great piece of fluff. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 ...Baby One More Time Britney Spears 3:31
  3. 2 (You Drive Me) Crazy Britney Spears null:null
  4. 3 Sometimes Britney Spears 4:6
  5. 4 Soda Pop Britney Spears 3:22
  6. 5 Born to Make You Happy Britney Spears 4:5
  7. 6 From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Britney Spears 5:12
  8. 7 I Will Be There Britney Spears 3:55
  9. 8 I Will Still Love You Britney Spears 4:3
  10. 9 Deep in My Heart Britney Spears 3:35
  11. 10 Thinkin' About You Britney Spears 3:36
  12. 11 E-Mail My Heart Britney Spears 3:43
  13. 12 The Beat Goes On [Cover] Britney Spears 3:46
  14. 13 I'll Never Stop Loving You Britney Spears null:null
  15. 14 Autumn Goodbye Britney Spears null:null
  16. 15 ...Baby One More Time [Davidson Ospina Radio Mix] Britney Spears null:null
  17. 16 ...Baby One More Time [Boy Wunder Radio Mix] Britney Spears null:null

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