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Lady Killer [Clean Version]

CeeLo Green 11/9/2010


“Fuck You,” the feel-joyously-spiteful hit of summer 2010, should cast a large shadow across Cee Lo Green's third proper solo album. The singer’s biggest solo single to date, it’s the best form of novelty hit -- a side-splitting surface supported with a durable underbelly, combining Millie Jackson-level lyrical frankness with a knockout throwback-soul production. Even without the presence of “Fuck You,” The Lady Killer would remain a thoroughly engrossing album. Bookended by a recurring spy-film theme, the set is loaded with a potent mix of Green's singular voice -- meaning his graceful bellow and his oddball personality -- and knowing, hefty soul arrangements sheathed in hip-hop vigor, often embellished with strings, horns, and substantive background vocals. As with 2004’s Soul Machine, some of the best songs here share titles with R&B classics. The testimonial “Wildflower” switches between corny/winking couplets (“Sexy is in season/Share your sunshine with me”) and amusing metaphor play (“Hold her with both my hands/Put her right on my table when I get her home”). The infectiously beaming “Fool for You,” served with a choppy gait, carries as much pride as Ray Charles' “ A Fool for You.” “I Want You,” yet another song that punches and swirls, isn’t as straightforward as its title suggests; it’s about pressing the reset button on a dying relationship. The final full song, “No One’s Gonna Love You,” is a cover -- not of the S.O.S. Band, but Band of Horses. It’s a faithful version that humbly spotlights the versatility of a fascinating talent. Just as importantly, it’s a suitable way to follow “Old Fashioned,” a tear-the-roof-down ballad drenched in reverb and sweat. [A clean version of the album was also released.] ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Lady Killer Theme (Intro) CeeLo Green 1:36
  3. 2 Bright Lights Bigger City CeeLo Green 3:38
  4. 3 Forget You CeeLo Green 3:41
  5. 4 Wildflower CeeLo Green 4:1
  6. 5 Bodies CeeLo Green 3:39
  7. 6 Love Gun CeeLo Green 3:20
  8. 7 Satisfied CeeLo Green 3:24
  9. 8 I Want You CeeLo Green 3:34
  10. 9 Cry Baby CeeLo Green 3:26
  11. 10 Fool For You CeeLo Green 3:39
  12. 11 It's OK CeeLo Green 3:44
  13. 12 Old Fashioned CeeLo Green 3:24
  14. 13 The No One's Gonne Love You CeeLo Green 3:28
  15. 14 The Lady Killer Theme (Outro) CeeLo Green 0:56

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