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Love Songs

Cliff Richard 6/15/1981


British EMI's Love Songs series of romantically themed compilations got off to a flying start with a collection of Beatles ballads; a similar set immortalizing Cliff Richard's contributions to the genre duly followed and, for the most part, fulfilled its brief with equal class. Ranging across the artist's then 23-year career, Love Songs does indeed serve up some of his most heartwarming/rending/breaking performances, from the heavenly despair of "The Next Time" to the shattered emotion of "Miss You Nights" through the innocent sweetness of "I Could Easily Fall in Love With You" and "Theme for a Dream," and on to the mature sensuality of "Constantly" and "The Day I Met Marie." The occasional misplaced footstep does raise an eyebrow -- "We Don't Talk Anymore" is bitter enough to extinguish the most romantic candlelit evening, while BA Robertson's "Carrie" might not lack for passion, but unless you look for lovers on a payphone wall ("for a good time, call Madame Whiplash..."), it probably wasn't the wisest inclusion. But it's a great song and that's really all you need. Most of the artist's best performances over the years have been love songs, and almost any of his albums could have worn this title with distinction. Love Songs is just lovelier than most. ~ Dave Thompson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Miss You Nights Cliff Richard 3:54
  3. 2 Constantly Cliff Richard 2:36
  4. 3 Up in the World Cliff Richard 2:37
  5. 4 Carrie Cliff Richard 3:23
  6. 5 A Voice in the Wilderness Cliff Richard 2:10
  7. 6 The Twelfth of Never Cliff Richard 2:41
  8. 7 I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) Cliff Richard 2:51
  9. 8 The Day I Met Maria Cliff Richard 2:14
  10. 9 Can't Take the Hurt Anymore Cliff Richard 3:45
  11. 10 A Little in Love Cliff Richard 3:35
  12. 11 The Minute You're Gone Cliff Richard 2:19
  13. 12 Visions Cliff Richard 3:0
  14. 13 When Two Worlds Drift Apart Cliff Richard 4:10
  15. 14 The Next Time Cliff Richard 2:55
  16. 15 It's All in the Game Cliff Richard 3:10
  17. 16 Don't Talk to Him Cliff Richard 2:52
  18. 17 When the Girl in Your Arms Cliff Richard 2:22
  19. 18 Theme for a Dream Cliff Richard 2:3
  20. 19 Fall in Love With You Cliff Richard 2:28
  21. 20 We Don't Talk Anymore Cliff Richard 4:9

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