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Remixes 81>04

Depeche Mode 10/26/2004


There was a time when you could walk into your average record store and find the singles section by spotting the big block of black rows. These rows signaled the whereabouts of the Ds and tended to eat up a disproportionate space of the singles section. In 2004, the Mute label condensed all of these releases into Remixes 81-04, which itself was ironically (or fittingly) presented in multiple versions. This particular version is a triple-disc set that attempts to function as a representative sampling of Depeche Mode's innumerable remixes. It does an admirable job, making a point to highlight glorified extended versions and radical reworkings alike. François Kevorkian, for instance, uses his invaluable understanding of the inner workings of both disco and dub to extend and sensitively tweak "Personal Jesus" for the dancefloor, transforming it into something that he would likely spin while DJing. Air, however, alter "Home" to the point where it sounds like one of their own moody, downcast productions -- Martin Gore plays guest instead of host. One of the most thrilling remixes shows no respect to the source material; Adrian Sherwood's decimation of "People Are People," from 1984, is a succession of jackhammering beats, agitated noise fragments, bizarre vocal interjections. In order to entice hardcore fans who already have the old remixes on the original single releases (or the six exhaustive box sets), a handful of new remixes were commissioned. Most of these appear in the latter half of the third disc, and at least half deserve to be in the company of the better-known reshapes. "Clean" is turned into a bristly acid gallop by Colder, and the new rhythm winds up coming close to mirroring "Personal Jesus." Rex the Dog reaches all the way back to "Photographic," providing layer upon layer of bursting synth. Ironically (or fittingly), Paul Morley -- who, as one of the tricksters behind the ZTT label (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Propaganda), came up with the idea that you could never have a track remixed too many times -- pens the liner notes. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Never Let Me Down Again [split] Depeche Mode 9:30
  3. 2 Policy of Truth [capitol] Depeche Mode 7:58
  4. 3 Shout [Rio Remix] Depeche Mode 7:27
  5. 4 Home [Air 'Around the Golf' Remix] Depeche Mode 3:54
  6. 5 Strangelove [blind] Depeche Mode 6:30
  7. 6 Rush [spiritual guidance] Depeche Mode 5:27
  8. 7 I Feel You [Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix] Depeche Mode 4:55
  9. 8 Barrel of a Gun [Underworld Hard] Depeche Mode 9:36
  10. 9 Route 66 [Cover][Beatmasters] Depeche Mode 6:18
  11. 10 Freelove [DJ Muggs Remix] Depeche Mode 4:22
  12. 11 I Feel Loved [Chamber's Remix] Depeche Mode 6:15
  13. 12 Just Can't Get Enough [schizo] Depeche Mode 6:41
  14. 1 Personal Jesus [pump] Depeche Mode 7:47
  15. 2 World in My Eyes Depeche Mode 6:26
  16. 3 Get the Balance Right! [combination] Depeche Mode 7:54
  17. 4 Everything Counts [absolut] Depeche Mode 6:1
  18. 5 Breathing In Fumes Depeche Mode 6:4
  19. 6 Painkiller [Kill the Pain Mix - DJ Shadow vs. Depeche Mode] Depeche Mode 6:29
  20. 7 Useless [The Kruder & Dorfmeister Session] Depeche Mode 9:5
  21. 8 In Your Room [The Jeep Rock] Depeche Mode 6:17
  22. 9 Dream On [Dave Clarke Acoustic Version] Depeche Mode 4:23
  23. 10 It's No Good [Speedy J] Depeche Mode 8:48
  24. 11 Master and Servant [An On-U-Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic] Depeche Mode 4:35
  25. 12 Enjoy the Silence [Timo Maas Extended Remix] Depeche Mode 8:41
  26. 1 A Question of Lust Depeche Mode 5:4
  27. 2 Walking in My Shoes [random carpet] Depeche Mode 8:34
  28. 3 Are People People? Depeche Mode 4:27
  29. 4 World in My Eyes [Daniel Miller] Depeche Mode 4:35
  30. 5 I Feel Loved [Danny Tenaglia's Labor of Love Dub] Depeche Mode 11:18
  31. 6 I's No Good [Club 69 Future] Depeche Mode 8:48
  32. 7 Photographic [Rex the Dog Dubb Mix] Depeche Mode 6:19
  33. 8 Little 15 [Ulrich Schnauss Remix] Depeche Mode 4:49
  34. 9 Nothing [Headcleanr Rock Mix] Depeche Mode 3:29
  35. 10 Lie to Me ['The Pleasure of Her Private Shame Remix] Depeche Mode 6:32
  36. 11 Clean [Colder Version] Depeche Mode 7:9
  37. 12 Halo [Goldfrapp Remix] Depeche Mode 4:19
  38. 13 Enjoy the Silence [Reinterpreted] Depeche Mode 3:27

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