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The Fury of Our Maker's Hand [CD/DVD]

DevilDriver 10/31/2006


Its nods to post-grunge melodic accessibility and generally workmanlike sound hurt DevilDriver's 2003 debut, and the murkiness of frontman Dez Fafara's relationship with his previous group Coal Chamber doesn't necessarily help. There was promise amid DevilDriver's riffs and runs, but harnessing it was the problem. 2005's Fury of Our Maker's Hand is the solution. DevilDriver have amplified every facet of their sound. They've turned their backs on the kind of plodding melodic obviousness that kills credibility on the raging metal side, instead hardwiring a vicious catchiness right into the guitar lines and Fafara's esophageal grind. Drummer John Boecklin slays on "Bear Witness Unto" and in the furious time-shifts of opener "End of the Line"; actually, Boecklin pretty much slays throughout Fury. "Grinf**cked," besides having the best name on the record, also exemplifies DevilDriver's union of black melody to razor sharp playing. "Pale Horse Apocalypse" is a traditionalist thrash workout, and "Before the Hangman's Noose" approaches the hard-tack American metal of Lamb of God. The slower pace, spiritualism, and double bass tussles of "Sin & Sacrifice" seem like a tribute to European metal. Fury of Our Maker's Hand is such a severe turn away from the falter of their first album -- and a turn toward something hungry, focused, and ready to be devoured by the metal faithful everywhere -- that DevilDriver may have made their true debut the second time around. [This CD/DVD edition features bonus music videos and other material.] ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 End of the Line DevilDriver 5:2
  3. 2 Driving Down the Darkness DevilDriver 3:52
  4. 3 Grinf**ked DevilDriver 3:32
  5. 4 Hold Back the Day DevilDriver 4:14
  6. 5 Sin & Sacrifice DevilDriver 5:3
  7. 6 Ripped Apart DevilDriver 4:11
  8. 7 Pale Horse Apocalypse DevilDriver 4:13
  9. 8 Just Run DevilDriver 4:15
  10. 9 Impending Disaster DevilDriver 4:9
  11. 10 Bear Witness Unto DevilDriver 4:4
  12. 11 Before the Hangman's Noose DevilDriver 3:51
  13. 12 The Fury of Our Makers DevilDriver 4:51
  14. 13 Unlucky 13 DevilDriver 4:3
  15. 14 Guilty as Sin DevilDriver 3:3
  16. 15 Digging Up the Corpses DevilDriver 3:50
  17. 16 I Could Care Less DevilDriver 3:43
  18. 17 Hold Back the Day DevilDriver 4:25
  19. 18 Ripped Apart DevilDriver 4:28
  20. 1 End of the Line DevilDriver null:null
  21. 2 Hold Back the Day DevilDriver null:null
  22. 3 I Could Care Less DevilDriver null:null
  23. 4 Nothing's Wrong DevilDriver null:null

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