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DFA Compilation #2 [DFA]

DFA 11/2/2004


One of the most consistently creative indie labels gathers up more than enough tracks to necessitate a second compilation. DFA Compilation #2 is three times the size of #1, using the first two discs to compile tracks new and old, while providing a DJ mix on the third. Since the initial batch of 12" releases, the label has expanded its sound and roster at a steady pace. Two of the most notable tracks come from the Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom single released in early 2004; "El Monte" is trippy ambient that falls somewhere between Cluster and Manuel Göttsching, while the DFA mix of "Rise" lays electronic percolations and light whipcracks over a four-four disco beat. The terrifically obnoxious "Crass Mix" of LCD Soundsystem's "Yeah" begins as moderately absorbing disco-punk until working itself into a chaotic, screeching acid lather. Some older B-sides are dusted off as well, for both better and worse; sounding like an electro/dub version of a long-lost post-punk A-side, LCD's "Beat Connection" warrants more spins than the borderline novelty hit "Losing My Edge" (as heard on DFA Compilation #1), while the Rapture's Captain Sensible-quoting "Alabama Sunshine" scrawls and stammers for three shrill minutes. A handful of exclusives and future singles round out discs one and two. Beyond a trio of Juan Maclean tracks -- none of which happen to be as dancefloor-friendly as his three A-sides to date -- the most-anticipated track is a vibrant re-imagined version of "Bellhead" from innovative (and recently resuscitated) percussion troupe Liquid Liquid. On disc three, the label's Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeney shrewdly mix several of the tracks heard on the first two, and include a few that aren't present -- such as the sparkling silicone disco-funk of the Juan Maclean's "Give Me Every Little Thing" and the DFA edit of the Rapture's "Echoes." This is the greatest attraction of the whole package. While the package's bulkiness is liable to yield complaints of hubristic overindulgence, it's priced far less than a typical three-disc set. ~ Andy Kellman
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Casual Friday Black Leotard Front 15:7
  3. 2 Sunplus [DFA Remix] DFA 4:58
  4. 3 I Robot The Juan MacLean 6:11
  5. 4 Alabama Sunshine The Rapture 2:45
  6. 5 Rise [DFA Mix] Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 56:18
  7. 6 Dance Hall Modulator Dub [Dub] The Juan MacLean 4:6
  8. 7 Get Up/Say What Pixeltan 9:6
  9. 8 Wasteder Black Dice 4:27
  10. 9 Yeah [Pretentious Mix] LCD Soundsystem 11:4
  11. 1 Yeah [Crass Version] LCD Soundsystem 9:22
  12. 2 Endless Happiness [Eye Remix] Black Dice 7:40
  13. 3 Sunplus DFA 4:58
  14. 4 Beat Connection LCD Soundsystem 8:4
  15. 5 El Monte Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 14:12
  16. 6 Bellhead Liquid Liquid 5:39
  17. 7 That's the Way I Like It Pixeltan 4:43
  18. 8 Sister Saviour [Dub][DFA Dub] The Rapture 4:27
  19. 9 Less Than Human The Juan MacLean 4:12
  20. 1 Get Up/Say What Pixeltan 5:51
  21. 2 Echoes [DFA Edit] The Rapture 1:20
  22. 3 Bellhead Liquid Liquid 5:35
  23. 4 Sunplus [DFA Remix] DFA 4:51
  24. 5 El Monte Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 14:13
  25. 6 Give Me Every Little Thing The Juan MacLean 4:42
  26. 7 Sister Saviour [Dub][DFA Dub] The Rapture 3:23
  27. 8 Rise Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom 7:21
  28. 9 I Robot The Juan MacLean 4:56
  29. 10 Endless Happiness [Eye Remix] Black Dice 7:35
  30. 11 On Repeat [Mix][Dub] LCD Soundsystem 1:51
  31. 12 Yeah (crass)/Beat Connection LCD Soundsystem 10:16

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