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Sickness [10th Anniversary Edition] [Limited Edition]

Disturbed 3/23/2010


Alternative metal exploded during the late '90s thanks to groundwork laid by groups like Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, and Rage Against the Machine, and as record companies scrambled to find the next Korn or Limp Bizkit, the genre became clogged with legions of similar-sounding bands, all trying to find just the right blend of low and heavy guitar riffs, rap-metal and industrial, and intense aggression. Often, those attempts could result in sounds that seemed too calculated and self-consciously cobbled together to feel natural; plus, inventive production was frequently employed to disguise many songs' lack of memorable hooks. The Sickness, the first entry by Chicago's Disturbed in the alt-metal sweepstakes, thankfully avoids those common pitfalls, turning in a mixture of raw, gut-level metal and industrial/electronic backing that feels logical and integrated. Although the music has its fair share of pummeling aggression and accompanying shouted vocals, Disturbed also aren't afraid to employ melody, and they're actually quite good at it when they choose that direction. Occasional forays into rap-metal aren't really Disturbed's strong suit and can feel a bit awkward, although they do have a certain rhythmic acuity missing from some similar bands' attempts. But even if it has a few less than compelling moments, The Sickness overall comes off as the work of a band that really doesn't have far to go to achieve total control of its sound and compositional skills, and that makes it a terrific debut album. [A 14-track tenth anniversary edition was released in 2010.] ~ Steve Huey
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Voices Disturbed 3:10
  3. 2 The Game Disturbed 3:44
  4. 3 Stupify Disturbed 4:34
  5. 4 Down with the Sickness Disturbed 4:37
  6. 5 Violence Fetish Disturbed 3:20
  7. 6 Fear Disturbed 3:45
  8. 7 Numb Disturbed 3:42
  9. 8 Want Disturbed 3:51
  10. 9 Conflict Disturbed 4:33
  11. 10 Shout 2000 Disturbed 4:15
  12. 11 Droppin' Plates Disturbed 3:46
  13. 12 Meaning of Life Disturbed 3:59
  14. 13 God of the Mind Disturbed 3:4
  15. 14 A Welcome Burden Disturbed 3:30

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