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The Best of DMX

DMX 11//2010


In the three years since the slightly superior DMX collection The Definition of X: The Pick of the Litter was released, the high-intensity rapper concentrated more on acting than music. Even if his output had been scant since the last set, his jumping ship and signing to Columbia in 2009 gives former Def Jam label good reason to release a new collection. In the liner notes, 2010’s The Best of DMX wears every chart position with pride, as if deep cuts don’t matter, just the big numbers. This means the set does offer something pleasingly different than its predecessor, pulling the great big single “Grand Finale” off the Belly soundtrack, but save a couple different picks and an historical liner essay, there’s little reason for Definition owners to update. On the other hand, anyone without any DMX in their catalog will find the set a thrilling overview with massive hits like "What's My Name," "We Right Here," "Where the Hood At," and “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” sitting next to fan favorites like “Damien” and “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” Even if Definition has the edge, this is still a great introduction, a fantastic portable hits collection, plus a significant step up from the faceless 2009 set Playlist Your Way. ~ David Jeffries
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Where the Hood At DMX 4:46
  3. 2 It's All Good DMX 4:17
  4. 3 What These Bitches Want DMX 4:12
  5. 4 Get at Me Dog DMX 3:5
  6. 5 Ruff Ryders' Anthem DMX 3:32
  7. 6 What's My Name DMX 3:52
  8. 7 Party Up DMX 4:32
  9. 8 X Gon' Give It to Ya DMX 3:37
  10. 9 We Right Here DMX 4:28
  11. 10 How's It Goin' Down DMX 4:3
  12. 11 The Rain DMX 3:27
  13. 12 One More Road to Cross DMX 4:18
  14. 13 Slippin' DMX 5:4
  15. 14 Get It on the Floor DMX 4:22
  16. 15 Here We Go Again DMX 3:53
  17. 16 Damien DMX 3:41
  18. 17 Stop Being Greedy DMX 3:36
  19. 18 Who We Be DMX 4:46
  20. 19 Grand Finale DMX 4:34
  21. 20 No Love for Me DMX 4:0
  22. 21 Blackout DMX 4:53

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