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Jolene/My Tennessee Mountain Home

Dolly Parton 4/3/2001


Two of the things Dolly Parton has utilized as an artistic muse throughout her solo recording career are her rural Appalachian upbringing and her brave split from her mentor, Porter Wagoner. This BMG two-fer of Jolene and My Tennessee Mountain Home showcases each of these life events almost autobiographically. Beginning with the powerfully pleading hit "Jolene," the first half of this release finds Parton exploring her freedom and independence from Wagoner's influence. In fact, fans have spent years trying to decipher exactly which songs ("Highlight of My Life"? "When Someone Wants to Leave"?) were about her relationship with the country star. One song undoubtedly recounts their split, and if it is possible to block out all of the eye-rolling and baggage unfortunately associated with the "other" version, "I Will Always Love You" should stand on its own as one of the most starkly honest and heartwrenchingly beautiful love songs of the 20th century. While the first half of the two-fer celebrates Parton's first strong steps to country superstardom, My Tennessee Mountain Home is a gentle stroll back to the earthy roots of her poor rural upbringing. Beginning with the slightly hokey reading of her first letter home from "Naish-Ville," each song is filled with homesick memories of family, church, and "the good old days when times were bad." Where Jolene utilized any number of advanced studio techniques to enhance Parton's countrypolitan love songs, the banjos, dobros, and fiddles on the second half illustrate the songs and accent her voice just as well. Although either of these albums stand strongly on their own, together they paint a much more complete picture of who Dolly Parton was, and who she would become. ~ Zac Johnson
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Jolene Dolly Parton 2:42
  3. 2 When Someone Wants to Leave Dolly Parton 2:19
  4. 3 River of Happiness Dolly Parton 2:44
  5. 4 Early Morning Breeze Dolly Parton 2:18
  6. 5 Highlight of My Life Dolly Parton 2:55
  7. 6 I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton 1:52
  8. 7 Randy Dolly Parton 2:46
  9. 8 Living on Memories of You Dolly Parton 3:12
  10. 9 Lonely Comin' Down Dolly Parton 1:52
  11. 10 It Must Be You Dolly Parton 2:2
  12. 11 Letter Dolly Parton 3:42
  13. 12 I Remember Dolly Parton 2:32
  14. 13 Old Black Kettle Dolly Parton 2:52
  15. 14 Daddy's Working Boots Dolly Parton 2:35
  16. 15 Dr. Robert F. Thomas Dolly Parton 3:25
  17. 16 In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) Dolly Parton 3:0
  18. 17 My Tennessee Mountain Home Dolly Parton 2:27
  19. 18 Wrong Direction Home Dolly Parton 2:5
  20. 19 Back Home Dolly Parton 3:13
  21. 20 The Better Part of Life Dolly Parton 2:57
  22. 21 Down on Music Row Dolly Parton 3:7
  23. 22 Love You're So Beautiful Tonight Dolly Parton 3:7
  24. 23 [Untitled Track] Dolly Parton null:null

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