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Edguy 2009


This rather misleadingly named release from German power metal stalwarts Edguy is not really the greatest-hits set one might understandably assume, but rather a compendium of 14 songs originally spread across three separate EPs, released between 2004 and 2005 by the prolific group. Sequenced in reverse chronological order, they begin with six tracks from 2005's decidedly tongue-in-cheek Superheroes that are evenly split between workmanlike fare such as the hard-rocking opening title track (also available in an "epic version" later on), token power ballad "Blessing in Disguise," and acoustic-driven Magnum cover "The Spirit" and much more interesting, emphatic efforts such as "Spooks in the Attic" (a song Iron Maiden would frankly kill to write these days) and the Michael Kiske-assisted "Judas at the Opera" (which eventually outlasts a forgettable power metal opening for a nice change of pace -- or eight -- and passages that sound like Styx!). Next up, 2004's tongue-pierces-cheek-impales-next-door-neighbor Lavatory Love Machine maxi-single found Edguy playing dress-up as an '80s glam metal band, espousing the finer merits of joining the mile-high club while en route to Brazil! Needless to say, the entire exercise seems like it was such preposterously good fun that the group decided to dive headlong into an acoustic version, too, before tackling a similarly stripped-down cover of Europe's 1991 single "I'll Cry for You" (after which many listeners may be crying, too). Hilarious or painful, though, it's an impossible act to follow, and so most of the remaining cuts from 2004's King of Fools EP sound remarkably safe and serious, if far more familiar to Edguy's power metal fan base, who should finally get what they want -- no surprises -- from foot-stomping cavalcades of ME-TAAAAAL like "New Age Messiah" and "The Savage Union." But wait! There is a final laugh in store that provides a unifying thread of good humor throughout this collection: closing number "Life and Times of a Bonus Track," which features frontman and chief songwriter Tobias Sammet alone at his piano, bemoaning the fate of outtakes everywhere ("I'm a bonus track on my way to Japan," etc.). So the moral of the story is that, although Edguy weren't exactly forthright with this album's chosen name, it's nice to know the laugh is on them, as much as on any consumer who buys it. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Superheroes Edguy 3:17
  3. 2 Spooks in the Attic Edguy 4:0
  4. 3 Blessing in Disguise Edguy 4:13
  5. 4 Judas in the Opera Edguy 7:21
  6. 5 The Spirit Edguy 3:49
  7. 6 Superheroes [Epic Version] Edguy 3:8
  8. 7 Lavatory Love Machine Edguy 4:21
  9. 8 Lavatory Love Machine [Acoutic Version] Edguy 4:32
  10. 9 I'll Cry for You Edguy 3:43
  11. 10 King of Fools Edguy 3:30
  12. 11 New Age Messiah Edguy 5:56
  13. 12 The Savage Union Edguy 4:10
  14. 13 Holy Water Edguy 4:9
  15. 14 Life and Times of a Bonus Track Edguy 3:22

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