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Take to the Skies

Enter Shikari 10/30/2007


Yet another unsigned band joining the ranks of artists making names for themselves by self-promotion on the Internet via the MySpace website, Enter Shikari released their debut album, Take to the Skies, which featured several of the band's singles and EP tracks, albeit in re-recorded versions. Enter Shikari were not afraid to test their music on a live audience, however, managing to sell out London's Astoria Theatre, and prior to the release of Take to the Skies they had built up a loyal-enough following to ensure a high chart entry when the album was finally released. Imagine an album that was a mixture of hardcore trance and nu metal and you would have an idea of Take to the Skies. "Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour..." was one of the download-only singles, and featured Roughton "Rou" Reynolds' throaty vocals, screaming a lyric that is total incomprehensible. Perhaps just as well, for when one could understand the lyrics, as on "No Sssweat," there was rather a lot of swearing -- along with threats of violence, too, and you might just believe this band would actually carry out such threats. "Today Won't Go Down in History" was considerably softer, beginning almost melodically, and "Return to Energiser" had an almost danceable trance backing track -- although yet again Reynolds' vocals drowned out almost everything else. Meanwhile, the track "Adieu" was a gentle acoustic ballad with the volume turned right down; it actually made a pleasant change and finally altered the pace. ~ Sharon Mawer
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 1:7
  3. 2 Enter Shikari Enter Shikari 2:52
  4. 3 Mothership Enter Shikari 4:30
  5. 4 Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour... Enter Shikari 4:32
  6. 5 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 1:0
  7. 6 Labyrinth Enter Shikari 3:51
  8. 7 No Sssweat Enter Shikari 3:18
  9. 8 Today Won't Go Down in History Enter Shikari 3:31
  10. 9 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 1:27
  11. 10 Return to Energiser Enter Shikari 4:35
  12. 11 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 0:18
  13. 12 Sorry, You're Not a Winner Enter Shikari 3:52
  14. 13 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 0:35
  15. 14 Jonny Sniper Enter Shikari 4:0
  16. 15 Adieu Enter Shikari 5:35
  17. 16 OK, Time for Plan B Enter Shikari 4:55
  18. 17 [Untitled] Enter Shikari 2:44

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