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Eros Ramazzotti 11/7/2000


Eros Ramazzotti released Stilelibero (meaning "free spirit" or "free style") in late 2000, and the album features some of the singer's finest material to date. Where in the past some of his ballads have weighted down his albums, on this set they are among the highlights. The album has a definite pop feel to it, evident by the Euro-dance-leaning opener, "L'ombra del Gigante." Most of the album, when it's not in ballad form, could be categorized as MOR rock with catchy hooks, with songs such as "Fuoco Nel Fuoco" and "Amica Donna Mia" falling into this category. There are several interesting moments on this set, notably the irresistibly soulful "Improvvisa Luce Ad Est," and his duet with, of all people, Cher, on the dramatic "Piu Che Puoi." However, Eros truly shines on the ballads, and several of them are downright stunning, among them "Un Angelo Non E," "E Ancor Mi Chiedo," and especially the album's closer, "Per Me Per Sempre." The album also includes interactive menus, which feature a biography, an interview, a photo gallery, a discography, and the video for "Fuoco Nel Fuoco." All in all, a thoroughly engaging package from the Italian singer. ~ Jose F. Promis
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 L'Ombra del Gigante Eros Ramazzotti 4:42
  3. 2 Fuego en el Fuego Eros Ramazzotti 4:0
  4. 2 Fuoco Nel Fuoco Eros Ramazzotti 4:1
  5. 3 El Alma De Los Arboles Eros Ramazzotti 4:12
  6. 3 Lo Spirito Degli Alberi Eros Ramazzotti 4:12
  7. 4 Un Angel No Es Eros Ramazzotti 4:39
  8. 4 Un Angelo Non E' Eros Ramazzotti 4:39
  9. 5 El Aguila Y El Condor Eros Ramazzotti 4:27
  10. 5 L'Aquila E il Condor Eros Ramazzotti 4:27
  11. 6 Più che puoi Eros Ramazzotti 4:10
  12. 6 Piu' Che Puoi Eros Ramazzotti 4:13
  13. 7 Mi Amor Por Ti Eros Ramazzotti 4:14
  14. 7 Il Mio Amore Perte Eros Ramazzotti 4:14
  15. 8 Quiero Saberlo Eros Ramazzotti 4:23
  16. 8 E Ancor Mi Chiedo Eros Ramazzotti 4:23
  17. 9 Y En El Este Una Luz Eros Ramazzotti 4:41
  18. 9 Improvisa Luce Ad Est Eros Ramazzotti 4:41
  19. 10 Azul Sin Par Eros Ramazzotti 4:16
  20. 10 Nell'azzurrita' Eros Ramazzotti 4:16
  21. 11 Mujer Amiga Mia Eros Ramazzotti 4:1
  22. 11 Amica Donna Mia Eros Ramazzotti 4:0
  23. 12 Para Mi Sera por Siempre (Per me per sempre) Eros Ramazzotti 3:50
  24. 12 Per Me Per Sempre [Live Classics] Eros Ramazzotti 3:55

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