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Three Chords and a Half Truth

Face to Face 4/9/2013


There's no arguing his sincerity when Trever Keith bellows "I don't want this to end!" to finalize Three Chords and a Half Truth. Face to Face started in the early '90s, opening for bands like the Offspring and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and yet they continue to go strong. After a few minor road bumps, for the 2010s they have managed to release an album every year, and for their 2013 outing the energy is still fully intact. Aside from some weightier production, there isn't much to separate the sound of the band from the early days, and that's a good thing. Never breaking from their trademark punk-pop throughout the course of the album, veterans Keith and Chad Yaro continually prove that they have the same angst-ridden but enthusiastic mindset they always did, mixing guitar crunch and big, upbeat, shout-along melodies. Meanwhile, Danny Thompson and Scott Shiflett hold it down as a tight, muscular rhythm section. Surprise-free as the album is, it's satisfying to find the band still holding fast to its punk ideals. From the rallying cry of "Jinxproof" to the liberating shuffle of "Right as Rain" to the joyous outburst of "Across State Lines," all of the tunes on Three Chords and a Half Truth are memorable, tough, and solidly crafted. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 123 Drop Face to Face 3:10
  3. 2 Welcome Back To Nothing Face to Face 2:49
  4. 3 Smokestacks and Skyscrapers Face to Face 3:5
  5. 4 Right As Rain Face to Face 3:24
  6. 5 First Step, Misstep Face to Face 3:42
  7. 6 Bright Lights Go Down Face to Face 3:5
  8. 7 Paper Tigers With Teeth Face to Face 3:44
  9. 8 Flat Black Face to Face 2:57
  10. 9 Jinxproof Face to Face 3:1
  11. 10 Marked Man Face to Face 3:21
  12. 11 Three Chords and a Half Truth Face to Face 2:21
  13. 12 Across State Lines Face to Face 4:35
  14. 13 Hardcase Face to Face 2:46

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