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Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [Australia]



This is a stripped-down single-CD equivalent to the U.S. Reprise double-disc set of the same name issued in 2002. And for a single CD it does a fair job of covering the major touchstones in the history of a band with a four-decade legacy -- or, at least, of Fleetwood Mac's two best-known incarnations, as a mid- to late-'70s pop/rock outfit and a late-'60s blues-rock band. Of course, given the popularity of the '70s-'80s version of Fleetwood Mac, they're represented first out of the gate, and in profusion, and there isn't even an attempt made at chronological sequencing. Although the original incarnation of the band doesn't get much room here, at least it is acknowledged in the form of three tracks, "Black Magic Woman," "Albatross," and "Man of the World." That's more than the group's middle years -- featuring Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch, and Christine McVie across half a dozen albums -- get from the 21 songs here. The CD utilizes the most recent masters for each song, and so the sound is excellent, and the annotation is thorough and enjoyable, but one does still come away wishing that the makers had found room for a track or two from, say, Mystery to Me or Bare Trees. ~ Bruce Eder
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac 3:40
  3. 2 Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac 3:13
  4. 3 Dreams Fleetwood Mac 4:16
  5. 4 Little Lies Fleetwood Mac 3:39
  6. 5 Everywhere Fleetwood Mac 3:42
  7. 6 Albatross Fleetwood Mac 3:9
  8. 7 You Make Loving Fun Fleetwood Mac 3:34
  9. 8 Rhiannon [Single Version] Fleetwood Mac 3:47
  10. 9 Black Magic Woman Fleetwood Mac 2:51
  11. 10 Tusk Fleetwood Mac 3:35
  12. 11 Say You Love Me Fleetwood Mac 4:4
  13. 12 Man of the World Fleetwood Mac 2:51
  14. 13 Seven Wonders Fleetwood Mac 3:38
  15. 14 Family Man Fleetwood Mac 4:2
  16. 15 Sara Fleetwood Mac 6:27
  17. 16 Monday Morning Fleetwood Mac 2:45
  18. 17 Gypsy Fleetwood Mac 4:23
  19. 18 Over My Head [Single Version] Fleetwood Mac 3:9
  20. 19 Landslide Fleetwood Mac 3:18
  21. 20 The Chain Fleetwood Mac 4:29
  22. 21 Big Love Fleetwood Mac 2:48

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