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From Here to Reality [Bonus Tracks]

G.B.H. 1990


According to GBH vocalist Colin Abrahall, the sessions for 1990s From Here to Reality were the most fun he ever had while recording an album, a mood that certainly shines through the original LP's closing number, the knee-slapping hoedown of "Moonshine." Elsewhere, of course, it's latter-day GBH business as usual, a screaming hardcore holocaust that sets up From Here to Reality as the band's hardest-hitting album yet. Reissued within Captain Oi's career-spanning repackaging of the band's catalog, From Here to Reality remains a series of brutal sensations, as the band celebrate their 11th year with passion and power as undiluted as ever. Which is just as well because, for the first time in the series, the bonus tracks really aren't much to write home about. Demos for the album's "Trust Me I'm a Doctor" and "You Don't Do Enough" are little more than lower-fi renderings of the familiar versions (although the vocals are a little clearer), while things wrap up with the demo for "Last of the Teenage Idols," the Alex Harvey cover that is heard to far greater effect wrapping up the reissued A Fridge Too Far. It's a disappointing appendix, then, but the remainder of the album is so astonishing that you'll quickly get over it. [The 2006 reissue contains three bonus tracks.] ~ Dave Thompson, Rovi
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 New Decade G.B.H. 3:1
  3. 2 Trust Me I'm a Doctor G.B.H. 3:10
  4. 3 B.M.T. G.B.H. 3:36
  5. 4 Mass Production G.B.H. 3:4
  6. 5 The Old School of Self Destruction G.B.H. 3:11
  7. 6 You Don't Do Enough G.B.H. 3:1
  8. 7 From Here to Reality G.B.H. 3:55
  9. 8 Dirty Too Long G.B.H. 2:37
  10. 9 Destroy G.B.H. 2:0
  11. 10 Just in Time for the Epilogue G.B.H. 3:40
  12. 11 Don't Leave Your Honey Down the Pits G.B.H. 3:45
  13. 12 Moonshine G.B.H. 3:30

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