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George Acosta 4/18/2006


From the warehouse parties of the late '80s to car commercials in 2001, the hardcore dancefloor energy and hypnotic techno beats of trance music have become a major musical part of the millennium. This is largely due to innovative, world famous DJ/producers like the Miami based George Acosta, who proves every time he puts a needle on a record that "trance," whatever the label, has evolved beyond a passing fad into a true cultural lifestyle for millions. Blazing back after his Lost World mix, Acosta proves that he has learned from his mistakes as well as his successes. All Rights Reserved features all of the elements that made Lost World a success. More good news: none of the tracks on the double-disc collection (featuring artists like Airbase, Sean Tyas, Marco V, the Thrillseekers, plus six unreleased mixes of powerful, heavy thumping and symphonic Acosta created tracks) are avant-garde or too monotonous or techno-minded. Acosta's concern here seems to be getting in our faces with as many fast paced grooves as possible. With 24 cuts, it's like a nonstop party, but there are a handful of tracks that especially stand out: the beat heavy "Another Situation" (by DJ Precision & Terry Bones), the intense Solarscape cut "Alive," which features crazed vocal manipulations, and a piercing "Neon Eyes" by Riley & Durrant. ~ Jonathan Widran
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Escape George Acosta 7:29
  3. 2 Polarity Silent Electra 6:54
  4. 3 Another Situation George Acosta 8:1
  5. 4 Monday Bar Nic Chagall 7:31
  6. 5 Isis [Alex Morph RMX][Alex Morph] George Acosta 6:54
  7. 6 Mirella Sean Tyas 6:32
  8. 6 Mirello Sean Tyas 6:33
  9. 7 No Way Back George Acosta 7:27
  10. 8 Lost Souls T2 3:44
  11. 9 Eastern Sea [Martin Roth RMX][Martin Roth] Solar Stone 6:45
  12. 10 Zonderland George Acosta 6:17
  13. 11 Advanced [Remix] Marcel Woods 5:47
  14. 12 False Light Marco V. 6:6
  15. 13 All Rights Reserved (Disc 1) [Continuous DJ Mix] George Acosta 79:55
  16. 1 By Your Side [Martin Roth RMX] George Acosta 8:10
  17. 2 Perfect Blend T4L 6:21
  18. 3 Alive [Ronski Speed w/Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix] Solarscape 6:32
  19. 4 Neon Eyes Riley & Durrant 6:32
  20. 5 Shockwaves [Summer's Here Mix] Martin Rokeach 6:18
  21. 6 Inner Thoughts [Greenwave Rework] Six Senses 6:11
  22. 7 Aol DJ Tommy Boy 7:41
  23. 8 Mellodrama [Gareth Emery][Gareth Emery RMX] George Acosta 7:48
  24. 9 Blue Monday [Motu][Motu RMX] George Acosta 6:34
  25. 10 Trust [George Acosta vs DAgents][George Acosta vs. Double Agents RMX] George Acosta 6:55
  26. 11 The Other Side George Acosta 6:6
  27. 12 Thank You [Nenes Deep Side RMX][Nenes Deep Side] George Acosta 4:42

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