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Awaiting Redemption

Hal Ketchum 5/18/1999


Musicians who bought Hal Ketchum's 1998 album I SAW THE LIGHT may have noticed that the songs seemed to divide into two types: pop/country fare and grittier, more soulful numbers. That's because the soulful numbers were originally part of a completely different album, which Ketchum recorded in Texas in 1997. A rawer, rootsy album, called HAL YES, was never released. Re-titled AWAITING REDEMPTION, the album features five of the songs that seemed so out of place on I SAW THE LIGHT, but seem to find their perfect context on this disc. Ketchum displays a bluesier, more emotional side on AWAITING REDEMPTION, stretching his voice until, at times, it becomes almost unrecognizable. This is especially true of the funky title track, as well as the slow-burning "When Blue Was Just A Color," which features burbling wah-wah guitar part courtesy of Ketchum's producer/co-writer Stephen Bruton. Other standouts include the wistful "Days of Wonder" and the excellent, yearning "Lonely Ol' Me." Aside from the beautiful writing and performances, the album is also a fascinating document of Ketchum's search for artistic fulfillment--a search that has paid off in spades.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Days of Wonder Hal Ketchum 3:16
  3. 2 Long Way Down Hal Ketchum 3:23
  4. 3 You Love Me, Love Me Not Hal Ketchum 3:12
  5. 4 Too Many Memories Hal Ketchum 4:58
  6. 5 Awaiting Redemption Hal Ketchum 4:37
  7. 6 Slow Down Sunset Hal Ketchum 3:5
  8. 7 Tell Me Hal Ketchum 4:30
  9. 8 The Unforgiven Hal Ketchum 4:13
  10. 9 When Blue Was Just a Color Hal Ketchum 5:8
  11. 10 Turn of the Wheel Hal Ketchum 4:41
  12. 11 Dear Anna Lee Hal Ketchum 5:24
  13. 12 Lonely Old Me Hal Ketchum 3:18

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