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HEALTH 6/22/2010


Like //DISCO, the remix album that followed HEALTH's 2008 self-titled debut, ::DISCO2 finds a fresh crop of indie electronic and dance producers reworking the noisy L.A. band’s second full-length, Get Color. The trendsetting contributors all do their jobs and give the material new shape, by warming up the cold skronk of HEALTH's excellently gnarled 2009 album and transforming it into something more along the lines of “chillwave.” If this smooth-as-butter presentation was your introduction to HEALTH, it would be hard to believe that they could ever sound abrasive or aggressive. “USA Boys,” an unreleased original produced by prolific shoegaze producer Alan Moulder, sets the stage nicely as a slick, prismatic wash of ‘80s synth textures. The rest of the remix artists (Crystal Castles, Javelin, Tobacco, Pictureplane, and CFCF, to name a few) follow suit, and construct similarly wonderful downtempo ambient beats based around Jacob Duzsik's ghostly a cappella vocals. [An expanded edition of Disco2 includes 12 MP3s of remixes by other artists, including Clipd Beaks, Rainbow Arabia, and Nite Jewel.] ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 USA Boys HEALTH 3:59
  3. 2 Before Tigers [CFCF Remix] HEALTH 4:39
  4. 3 In Heat [Javelin Remix] HEALTH 3:13
  5. 4 Die Slow [Tobacco Remix] HEALTH 4:5
  6. 5 Severin [Small Black Remix] HEALTH 3:8
  7. 6 Before Tigers [Gold Panda Remix] HEALTH 5:22
  8. 7 Eat Flesh [Crystal Castles Remix] HEALTH 3:57
  9. 8 In Violet [Salem Remix A] HEALTH 3:0
  10. 9 Nice Girls [Blondes Remix] HEALTH 4:13
  11. 10 Die Slow [Pictureplane Remix] HEALTH 3:12
  12. 11 Nice Girls [Little Loud Remix] HEALTH 4:24
  13. 12 Before Tigers [Blindfoldfreak Remix] HEALTH 4:22
  14. 13 In Violet [Hidden Cat Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH null:null
  15. 14 Die Slow [Nastique Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 5:30
  16. 15 Eat Flesh [Baron Von Luxxury Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 3:58
  17. 16 Die Slow [Nite Jewel Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH null:null
  18. 17 Before Tigers [Rainbow Arabia Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH null:null
  19. 18 We Are Water [Soft Encounter Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 5:17
  20. 19 Death+ [Clipd Breaks Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 7:22
  21. 20 Severin [Yip-Yip Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 3:53
  22. 21 Death + [Delivery Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 3:46
  23. 22 In Heat [Rodion Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH 5:58
  24. 23 We Are Water [Azari & III Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH null:null
  25. 24 Die Slow [Pink Stallone Remix] [Multimedia Track] HEALTH null:null

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